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Earthy home etiquette and custom

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Person of the Tujia nationality, in social activity, heavy clue, ceremony goes, tell friendly, shang Wenming, formed life 4 big formal; The Tujia nationality is country people, those who formed a mountain is consuetudinary.

Affection the ceremony is civilized socially, the Tujia nationality and person interact, very intercede ceremony is civilized, pay attention to and value ethical reputation. Breathe out to person, no matter relatives and friends is long young, "Respect " 2 words are first.

In earthy home society, kin contact is very intimate, formal many, and pay no attention to the rich and the poor, kiss no matter scanty. The Tujia nationality has a saw, "Kin resembles a shuttle, come-and-go calcaneal foot " .

The Tujia nationality not only cognation come-and-go, have admirable moral fashion, namely with average person come-and-go, very exquisite also gregarious morality. All exquisite civilization are courteous, morality of tradition of hold together nation.

4 ceremonies the Tujia nationality is in life in lifetime life of the person, formal more, but end rises, have 4 only big formal, be born namely ceremony, ceremony of grown hairpin coronal, bridal, funerary. Now life 4 big formal, part of record and narrate.

Be born the ceremony is born ceremony, be life is germinant offer sacrifices to.

Person of the Tujia nationality, pay attention to quite hold for the baby be born formal type, contain the meaning that wishs auspicious for new student life already, also the expression of promising puerpera exorcise. Formal in contain rich mysterious color.

Person of the Tujia nationality is held be born formal process is longer.

Person of the Tujia nationality is in knot wedding different history phase, in different regime, having different marital system, those who differ is formal, consuetudinary.

Wish birthday present congratulate on sb's birthday, the Tujia nationality regards it as life formal in great and formal one of. To congratulate on sb's birthday, some do not become the Tujia nationality the common compasses of article; Not full child bounds child, call " long tail " ; Adult, cry " spend birthday " ; 50 years old, just say " congratulate on sb's birthday " . But, if parents is alive, although pass fifty years old, also cannot hold " congratulate on sb's birthday " , have " honour be in in person not dare character is old " say. The grandest congratulate on sb's birthday, it is full 60 a cycle of sixty years; Especially big and grand birthday absurd, be year full 100 years old, call " terrestrial longlived person " .

Accordingly, the Tujia nationality celebrates Shou Yili, also with respect to because of the age different.

Funerary the Tujia nationality is funerary, have the characteristic with consuetudinary society already, have the belief to handling the dead again. Nevertheless, of ethical history long, the confluence of ethical live together, make the bury common of the Tujia nationality happens ceaselessly evolve. But, no matter how evolve, its nation feature always is bright, and having great scientific research value.
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