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Cultural Festival of Dalian international beach

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Cultural Festival of two Dalian international beach is held successfully already in inscriptions beach, send the coastal travel resource that dug Dalian of beauty bank city to abound adequately, revealed Dalian to regard as in the round " romantic " attractive elegant demeanour, great and outspread and expanded Dalian summer 3 " S " (seawater of beach of Sun sun, Sand, Sea) culture connotation, at the same time more with its citizen sex, participate in a gender, mix internationally pull the characteristic that uses a sex, and the another great travel that becomes Dalian and section celebrate a brand, new city red-letter day.

The marine beach culture with the most familiar public of beach section base oneself upon, stress recreational, relaxed travel atmosphere, rely on " romantic " the good name of Dalian and travel of level of northeast and only state go vacationing the admirable coast of area inscriptions beach, beach section makes the urban red-letter day that loves by everybody very quickly. "Joy is moved feeling, stimulate bright nature; Romantic Dalian, enchanted beach " -- come every year the 3rd of July weekend the 3rd of August weekend, once the beach section of a lunar beyond when be founds, become Dalian to be its namely the longest, hold a city with the biggest dimensions integrated festival. Beach Cultural Festival sets international car invitational tournament of art of Sha Diao of week of cross-country tounament, France amorous feelings, international (contest of citizen Sha Diao) , concert of sky of contest of football of contest of doodle of T-shirt of contest of Asian street dance, citizen, beach, volleyball, beach numerous internationally.

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