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Saddle hill recreation guideline

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Tea of dream predestined relationship seat location: Iron of saddle hill city on the west area inclined opposite of bath of emperor of general of 9 streets gold

Square of music of Jin Tongyu female KTV is in an address: Rural hotel founds a state south inclined on

Silk shows beautiful rain nightclub to be in an address: 37 middle schools are liberated east east outside the wall

Red green blue music admires hall to be in an address: 219 3

Square of music of KTV of dragon of the Supreme Being is in an address: Tie Dongmin gives birth to 2 armour

Rural hotel is in an address: Saddle founds a state south Shan Tiedong area road 43

Macrocosm of new century music is in an address: Road 32-3 Shan Natian founds a state south on garden cafe

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