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Dalian bar guideline

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Aogusi deduces bar

Ba Luoke bar

Dalian 6 with bar

House of beer of Dalian warmth heart

Wine of male wind music

1931 bar of big Shanghai

From numerous room public house

Polar bar

Move inferior ark bar

Old banyan bar

ZZ TOP most most musical bar

House of beer of Paul of area of Dalian city Zhongshan

Public house of wet nurse tea

Hans bar

Bar of day a person of extraordinary powers (original name: Birdie bar)

Metempsychosis bar

Bar of leopard a person of extraordinary powers

Bar of day evil spirit


Address: Zhongshan Ou Dandong street. Phone: 82703222

Address: Zhongshan area 55 6. Phone: 82708788

Address: Forward street. Phone: 82639425

Address: Fu Dejie. Phone: 83609033

Address: Red east street. Phone: 82703580

Address: 77 streets. Phone: 82801818

Address: Civilian birthday street. Phone: 82656287

Address: Dalian people stadium east side () of Dalian savage distribution centre.

Address: By macrocosm of people square flower

Address: Date of 12-1 of road of people of division of Dalian city Zhongshan

Address: Road of the hill austral area of Dalian city Zhongshan 108 women edifice one.

Address: Street of bachelor of area of Dalian city Zhongshan

Address: The back of a person of Dalian people stadium (Dalian collects the ground without netizen of avoid lubricious shadow)

Address: Wu Changjie. Phone: 82336377

Address: People square is teenage on the side of palace

Address: Stadium the back of a person. On the side of Mediterranean nightclub

Address: 55.

Address: Wu Changjie Hans on bar

Address: Fine carry big public house is inclined on.

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