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China is civilization ancient country, formal state, all through the ages of the Chinese nation has the good convention that tells courteous, heavy ceremony; Manchu people nature takes formal, ceremony seriously as much the main effect in the life, the their place creation, ceremony that draw lessons from and abides by is having bright ethical distinguishing feature.

Manchu once was a nation of fishing and hunting, since of this nation community is consanguineous group, it is district group, syncretic of army and government of Eight Banners system, manchu " go out to be arms, into it is civilian " , in the past they often should go out to fight, defend edge, every time may be part for ever apart, because this is Manchu formal have apparent ethical distinguishing feature, pay attention to emotive expression very much.

Zhao Shu of vice director of council of Beijing nation general affairs: "I feel Manchu ceremony can divide into 3 administrative levels: The first administrative levels calls feeling education, it is kowtow together for instance, manchu and person of the Han nationality are different, after person of the Han nationality falls on his knees commonly, it is knock 3, he wants Manchu knock, raise come, the memorial tablet that straight body looks at ancestor, again knock, rise continuously again come, see the memorial tablet of ancestor, again knock, raise a body to come again, see the memorial tablet of ancestor, this why? It is the esteem mood that increases pair of ancestor, so I say it is emotional education, should notice the eye must see ancestor memorial tablet particularly. This includes a woman to feel hair on the temples to want to see by the elder of with high respect, include a man hitting 1000 when elder of the person that also want an eye to look. Include a man hitting 1000 when elder of the person that also want an eye to look..
Manchu prevailing ceremony cries " hit a horizontal stroke " , I think this ceremony is pretty good, what cries " hit a horizontal stroke " ? For instance I am going, elder came behind, how will do? I stand in roadside immediately straight, lower his head a little, let elder past, cry " hit a horizontal stroke " . If say I go to friend home, the friend sends me, so the friend goes forth I should go backwards to come out, hit a horizontal stroke. The station is worn low head, "You are answered please, you are answered please, you are answered please " , absolutely cannot enough hind the back gives a family, afterbrain spoon gives a family.

The 2nd kind of ceremony has the effect of emotional communication. In the Eight Banners, blame is close namely friendly, the man meets, should hit each other 1000, you also are hit 1000, I also am hit 1000, final climax brushs a shoulder each other namely, this is a kind of feeling communication.

Zhao Shu: "The 3rd kind I feel ceremony is good where be, it is emotional drain, because Manchu often goes out to fight, want part for ever, leaving every time may be to part forever, meeting every time is one kind meets again after a long separation, what does Manchu ceremony call the first kind so? Cry between husband and wife namely ' coming directly towards ceremony ' , will tell with an adjective cry ' affection is conceived deep ' . What cries ' coming directly towards ceremony ' ? After the husband comes back, he wants very the station faces family continuously, as housewife, his sweetheart, wife, after meeting, her head bumps to his chest directly, two tactics is holding him in the arms hind back, she can cry, also can say all sorts of words, abreact adequately come out, the husband the back that feeling her with respect to the head that touching her says some comfort a word. So his wife finishs all right coming directly towards after the ceremony, how does the child do? The child already 14, 5, 16, how to do to father? Hold lumbar ceremony in the arms all right, the ceremony that hold a waist in the arms is hit 1000, both hands is holding father's waist in the arms, the head is low come, also can cry, also can say the word that touchs very much more very much, his father is feeling him hind back, say some of comforted word, so the circumstance is very touching, it is OK send feeling adequately what discharge comes out, so I feel such ceremony is the ethical distinguishing feature that has him very much. "   looks through us Manchu these are formal, look above all Manchu it is a nation that is good at study, these formal much learn to come from the Han nationality, just be Manchu more strong inside special humanitarian community changed. The 2nd, manchu it is very unitive nation, as a result of him these are formal, was in the relation agglomeration between people one case. The 3rd, he is up nation, because these are formal, he maintains a kind of very strict grade relationship, very strict close scanty relationship, maintained a kind up spiritual outlook, because of what? Pass formal, people can find his place severally, find him place, with respect to the effect that can produce oneself, can form whole of a nation, unite up.
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