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Dalian folk-custom amorous feelings

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Dalian city is located in distant east the end austral the peninsula, of all ages, northeast the activity of all nations, involve here more. Arrive from Yan Qin Tang Chu, the Han nationality, east moustache a group of things with common features (Xianbei, an ancient nationality in China) , help up beyond a group of things with common features (Gao Gouli) alternate conflicting is long, continuously close chiliad. Arrive from the later Liang dynasty of the Five Dynasties at the beginning of Qing Dynasty, continue again close chiliad. Meantime, distant is acting Bohai Sea Chinese door, Dong Dan compatriots, ripe Nuuzhen, yuan acting the Southern Song Dynasty is added newly army reach P.O.W of the Western Xia regime, have partial move house early or late this area. Every nationality people is mutual live together, promoted ethical solidarity and culture technology communication, promoted manufacturing development. According to 1990 the 4th census, dalian city shares 36 nations, namely Chinese, full, answer, the home of Xi Bai, Mongolia, Korea, strong, Dong, Weiwuer, earth, seedling, Er that amount to Wo, Russia, white, precious jade, commoners, Tibet, Kazakstan, Yi, E Wenke, . Among them minority 35, 286 thousand person. In minority, of more than 200 thousand person have Manchu; Of more than 10 thousand people have the Hui nationality, the Xibo nationality; Of more than 1000 people have the Monggol nationality, the Chaoxian nationality; Of more than 100 people have Chuang, the Dong nationality, the Uygur nationality, the Tujia nationality, Miao Zu; 25 minority population is in the others 100 people are the following. Whole town has 12 nations villages and towns, it is respectively: Manchu country of 7 full town of Shi He of golden state division, hill; Collect of tiger of city of tile-roofed house inn is Manchu 3 town, Manchu countryside, Yang Jiaman a group of things with common features countryside; Happy armour of city of general orchid inn is Manchu countryside; Mountain of Manchu town of hill of small Gu of village river city, tower is Manchu town, tall mountain is too Manchu country of 3 Manchu countryside, hill, smooth Manchu countryside, Guiyun spends mountain Manchu countryside. Minority population exceeds the whole town of villages and towns of 10% to still have 12. Up to 1997, 8648 people of whole town mutual minority cadre, among them (hall) 7 people of class cadre, county (place) 187 people of class cadre, countryside (division) 542 people of class cadre. 12 people of city are represented and is minority to represent a committee member each in committee member of 9 the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conferences of city 35 people, 30 people. Whole town is enterprise or business the unit has personnel of minority major technology 6835 people. On November 21, 1997, the Dalian nation institute that reposes in development of Dalian economy technology builds a courtyard formally.

Dalian area has Buddhist, Taoism, Christian, Mohammedan, Catholic wait for religion. Taoism, buddhism is passed into already had more than 1000 years of histories, catholic with christian Dalian area is passed into in Ming Qingzhi border. Before liberating, dalian area shares a temple to watch cathedral more than 400, put to emancipatory initial stage have more than 230. After new China holds water, dalian (force is large) the religious policy that city implements a party, belief of esteem follower of a religion is free, allow all teaching to exist legally. "The Great Cultural Revolution " in, temple path watchs much place to be demolished. The Communist Party of China 11 3 in after plenary meeting, the policy of religious belief freedom that reaffirms a party, proper religious activity is protected by law. Religious group public figure is in " the Great Cultural Revolution " the unjust verdict in reaching politics of its all previous to move, get entirely ordinary, correct; Restored christian of congress of city Catholic love, city " 3 from " patriotic campaign committee, built city Buddhist association, city Mohammedan society, brought religious group public figure into play to attend socialistic material civilization to build the enthusiasm with cultural and ideological progress. To 1997, whole town has religious activity place 72 place, city class is patriotic communion 6, religious believer makes an appointment with 55 thousand person. Whole town has religion to teach office staff 110 people.
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