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The Shenyang old a popular rural folk dance of bold and unconstrained

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Because Manchu history is long, distributing very wide, the marriage common difference of each district is accordingly bigger. If Shenyang is general Manchu marriage marries old common, children is grown, male woman father and mother should contrast to children above all character 8, if close marriage, bilateral parents ability guides " photograph to see " by go-between, also buccal H. Date " , common says " sees portal " . If bilateral photograph takes a fancy to desire ability,be engaged.

Be engaged, man home wants to wait with head annulus headgear to decide a ceremony, send to the bride's side, say " puts calm " , call " Guo Xiaoli " again. This day, woman girl should be filled put on see man parent, outfit smoke, pour tea to respect man elders, the bridegroom's or husband's family gives outfit smoke, tip a certain number of, also call " pour handleless cup " .

Get married get married: Cellar of provide for crab " ? of million of Jin of Yi of  soft-shelled turtle gives the woman by go-between, call " to send happy day " . The man is in marry a few days ago, pick an auspicious day betrothal gift (wine a bottle 30 jins, pig a; or hand-me-down 4, skin, cotton, clip, odd) send to the bride's side, call " Guo Dali " , common says " next big tea " . Accept hires day, man parent borrows a son to reach woman home, pay a formal visit farther-in-law mother, the " kowtow " that say, woman parent is admired wait for content with embroider of money, needle. The bride's side displays betrothal gift desk desk to go up, wine drinks below on record of genuflect of two dear father, hand in each other give goblet hold a memorial ceremony for to scatter the ground to go up, call " to change handleless cup " , it is " of " cut through then, the colour cloth that sends the man and woman do dress; at the same time, female hair changing plait dish of example, call " to practice " .

When get married get married, common man should be held do 3 days. The first day calls " noisy bar " . Husband's mother of this day of mother-in-law, aunt goes for old parents little friend. The head moves strains of music accompanied by drumbeats one day, build kitchen, kindling. Call " air litter " the following day. Marry before today, the man multiplies litter or the car is received to woman home dotal with the bride. The woman sends dotal get on a car with the bride, the bride should leave home to lend good dwelling place accommodation to the man, common says " hits " of temporary lodging during a trip. The woman dotal send the bridegroom's or husband's family, on desk of the desk before rank door, common says " crosses bin " . The man is set with the wind wine is received greet the woman to send dotal person, common calls " discontinue cup " .

Marry auspicious day, sun end goes out, the bridegroom's or husband's family is greeted with respect to rank close, the person when going is odd number, coming back is even numbers. Early morning, float of female family expenses sends close, convoy of bridal elder brother, the road encounters well, temple, grave to obscure with red felt float, meaning avoid for " " of evil spirit god. The man greets close float and woman to send close float Shen Tu to encounter, phase of the thill outside two cars is complex, the bride is held in the arms by the elder brother greet close car, call " to insert car " . Receive a bride to arrive the bridegroom's or husband's family, after the litter below the bride, bridegroom hand hold horsewhip is right smoke 3 whip suddenly for nothing, or fire 3 arrows to bridal direction with the arrow that do not have a head, meaning to chase black evil spirit god. Bridal head covers red lid head, the foot steps on red felt to go to the front of desk of heaven and earth, bridegroom bride is northerly in sound of strains of music accompanied by drumbeats 3 kowtow, namely " does obeisance to " of heaven and earth, common says " does obeisance to north to fight " , to doing obeisance to, congratulate on a happy occasion of many relatives and friends. The bride after the ceremony should have crossed saddle the sit quietly of bar of black cloth account that advanced room has side erect, common says " sits account " , also call " to sit blessing " . The bride wears bright red robe (common says " hits careless clothes " , . Enter an item in an account, hand of one little girl takes two sides bronze mirror to be illuminated to the bride, build bronze mirror on bridal body next, prothorax, hind the back hangs one side each. Then, another girl has given two stannum bottle (in rice flourishing fund, the bride is held in the arms in Huai Shen (also clip is in axillary, , call " to hold Aquarius " in the arms, also say " holds " of treasure intermediary crock in the arms. Midday, cloth of " A examine salute close even " , be in namely inside the courtyard before divine table, before table of mind of genuflect of bridegroom odd genu, the hand is propped up hold dish in the palm, read aloud " of close song of cloth of " A examine with full language, common says to read aloud classics of haing not adept. "Close " of A examine cloth is to combine the idea of marriage, libretto carelessness is happiness of husband and wife, long-lived 100 years old, hoary head arrives old, share riches and honour. The banquet finishs, bridal family take leave returns, bridegroom still proposes a toast for everybody before the door 3 dock-glass, for see sb off of person of a married woman's parents' home.
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