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Manchu and existing population 9.85 million, distributing extensively in Chinese each district, wait for province area and Beijing with Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Heibei, Inner Mongolia among them relatively concentration. Because the changes of historical gradual progress, culture, surroundings is mixed,live the tremendous change of condition, the Manchu amorous feelings of former juice raw ingredient is exiguous with each passing day and increasingly precious, in Manchu birthplace, chinese northeast area in an everyday little village, the marriage that is about to hold a convention to the youth that be deeply attached to each other celebration, the topic that lets us speaks of from the marriage common of Manchu.

History of Liaoning Normal University fastens director Yang Yingjie: “ is in every nation, marital custom is very important custom, because it begins from marital custom,every family is, and life multiply of the mankind also is begin from marriage, because this marriage custom is very important. Every people differs as a result of her social experience, manufacturing situation is different, because her marriage is consuetudinary different also, manchu also formed oneself distinctive marital custom habit in her lengthy development process, its connotation is very rich, we might as well greet close custom to begin to tell from hers. ”

Receiving close rank generally speaking is be about to set out when the day did not shine, whole team all the way piping and drumming, let all people know bridegroom goes out to greet close, set out in bridegroom greet close at the same time, the bride also should make a few sufficient preparation in the home, the mainest is by the bride elder and person of entire good fortune are undertaken to her dress and make up dresses up, still have a very serious content at the same time, come to the lock unship that takes on the neck to return person of a married woman's parents' home.

Life beginning is hanged in the lucky lock on the neck, it is the blessing that parents grows to filial health, appreciate indefinitely of the be reluctant to part with that wants the daughter that get married to left this lock to convey a daughter again nowadays and the favour that foster to parents, at the same time unship locks up this, also indicating the girl grows up from now on, adumbrative new student begins alive.

All the way of piping and drumming greet close team to arrive, the new a form of address for one's wife that the head wears red lid head wants by the elder brother or the bridal sedan chair on uncle back, and convoy arrives in man home.

Yang Yingjie: Before the litter below “ , bridegroom should take the Gong Hejian that hangs on litter, build on the arrow wants dartle to the bridal sedan chair 3 arrows, the meaning of archery should drive namely the evil influence that brings all the way, this thing mirrors archery piece Manchu it is nation of a hunting with bow and arrow or firearms, the development that passes a few chiliad, evolve to still withholding this old consuetudinary. After the litter below the bride, support sb with hand in the left and right sides next wanting the foot steps on red felt, the foot steps on red felt this thing is very significant, indicative lifetime takes grand use forever all the way. ”
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