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Custom of the Hui nationality of bright and beautiful city

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The Hui nationality is the abbreviation that answers the Hui nationality, it is one of nations with Chinese Mohammedan belief.

The Hui nationality has long history and distinctive and old culture. Especially the Hui nationality is consuetudinary culture, colorful, cause world attention. The Hui nationality is common language with Chinese, but in interacting with the society in religious life, they be mingled with is worn a large number of vocabularies that only Moslem interior communicates or phrase.

The Hui nationality of bright and beautiful city at Ming Xuande 3 years (1428) fane of the fire outside with a ha giving the door austral preexistence east built a mosque. After, the Hui nationality in succession ingoing. Have day of 3 political integrity every year, namely division of section of resume a meat diet, ancient Er state, holy record division. National regulation, worker of the Hui nationality of section of resume a meat diet has a holiday one day, its the body is washed with clear water after the Hui people is dead clean, reoccupy calico includes a body, execute inhumation, habit of the Huis man wears white hat or black hat; The woman wears aeruginous of black, Baihuo to cover a head. The Huis is the nation that ban a pig, the blood that does not take all animals and not classics " knife master " the ox of butcher, sheep, chicken, duck.

The county is pressed down in north (city of peace appearing north) build the Hui nationality of this world having gate Manchu town.

Always the Hui nationality occupies a dwelling place, in countryside, always together piece the ground is centered in certain fort child, stockaded village or village; In town, a sector of an area with always be in particular centrally again and street. Live mostly in Ningxia, the Hui nationality room of bungalow, cave dwelling, tile is waited a moment. The house is average Xiang Na. Housing of the Hui nationality is built in the place that approachs source of water, facilitate sweep. The Hui nationality is not idolatrous, on the wall inside Moslem home house figure is not stuck inside bethel especially.

Dietary habit:
Staple food is given priority to with rice, face, carnivorous respect contraindication is quite much. Abstinence pork, dog, wolf, tiger, ass, cat, eagle, snipe; Abstinence the animal blood that dies oneself; Ban drink. # religion is devotional: Belief of the whole people of the Hui nationality is Mohammedan

In the custom habit of the Hui nationality, have the has grumous Mohammedan amorous feelings when accessory mortuary ceremony of ethical characteristic most. The Hui nationality executes inhumation, object cremate. Execute fast bury, bury commonly not of the previous night, die early late bury. Night dies to send early, if filial family member is outer, mortal before when having a will, can wait for day of just a little, but must not exceed 3 days of above, lest body decay, smell. Person of the Hui nationality need not coffin this. The Hui nationality has him grave field, do not go burying in the graveyard field of the Han nationality and other people.
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