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Tie Ling is ground of ethical world house, bright for you the sea on the west the Nuuzhen, Nuuzhen that build an administrative division, Mongolia, Chinese wait for area of each nation inhabit a region. Visit one of ethical emphasis areas for Liaoning now. Whole town shares 31 nations, namely: Chinese, full, Xi Bai, Korea, answer, unconscious, Tibet, Weiwuer, seedling, Yi, strong, cloth is depended on, Dong, precious jade, Su of home of white, earth, Dai, goosefoot, Su, the She nationality, Ha Ni, high mountain.

Minority 649 thousand person, occupy the 23 % of whole town total population, rank complete province the 3rd; Among them the minority of above of 10 thousand people has 5, namely Manchu, the Xibo nationality, the Chaoxian nationality, the Hui nationality, the Monggol nationality. Minority spreads all over whole town urban and rural, form the structure of big dispersive, small live in a compact community. Whole town has county of ethical inhabit a region 2, ethical country (town) 19.

Opening former city and Xi Feng county is Liaoning saves county of minority inhabit a region. Open former city minority population 360 thousand person, 61.3% what occupy this city total population, in distant north each county (city) , population of the minority in the area is most, scale is top. Minority population scale is saving each county completely (city) the 4th is listed in the area. Drive former city in minority, manchu 326 thousand person, the Xibo nationality 18 thousand person, the Chaoxian nationality 8000 person, the Hui nationality 5000 person, each county of city of mountain of iron of house of minority population amount (city) , first of the area. Xi Feng county minority population 163 thousand person, 48.4% what occupy entire county total population. Among them Manchu 160 thousand person, 47.5% what occupy entire county total population.

Whole town divides 19 peoples country outside, the villages and towns that minority population scale exceeds 30% 38. These villages and towns distributing opening He Qinghe of county of former city, Xi Feng area, all be Manchu the villages and towns of minority inhabit a region that give priority to.

1556 administrative village of whole town, the village of ethical inhabit a region that minority population exceeds 55 % 519. Among them village of Manchu inhabit a region 460, village of inhabit a region of the Chaoxian nationality 17, village of inhabit a region of the Monggol nationality 2, village of inhabit a region of the Hui nationality 2, village of inhabit a region of the Xibo nationality 1, village of associated nation inhabit a region 39.

Manchu population is most in minority, share five hundred and seventy-one thousand one hundred person, 17% what occupy whole town population, 82.7% of total population of nation of be in the minority. Basically distributing the ethical country of each villages and towns that opening former city and Xi Feng county and other county (town) , other whole town each are urban and rural all dispersive house lives. Divide Manchu outside, the minority with more population still has the Xibo nationality, the Chaoxian nationality, the Hui nationality, the Monggol nationality to wait. The population of the Xibo nationality of iron mountain city takes important place in province and whole nation, reside the 2nd to mix the 3rd respectively, the Xibo nationality basically lives in drive former city a few villages and towns western and town of fort of waist of iron mountain county, town fort is pressed down on the west. The Monggol nationality lives in prosperous graph county mostly a few villages and towns western, the Chaoxian nationality basically lives in what drive former city to open station of village of former guard, old town, suburb, eight treasures the lumbar fort town of countryside and iron mountain county, Fan He presses down the Chaoxian nationality of Manchu the Xibo nationality, double well child countryside and silver-colored city Ou Longshan. Answering the characteristic that lives together as a clan is to basically be centered in town, drive town of 8 a former guard of former city, old town, trees among them, xi Feng county and population of the Hui nationality of and other places of silver-colored state division are more.
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