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Mound grand sight of culture of new folk custom

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Folk-custom, be accompanied with human photograph and be born. In the endless flow that expands in human society history, folk-custom phenomenon is almost omnipresent, it is the mankind the culture inheritance of long history.

Mound new history is long, of long standing and well established, having rich folk-custom item. Anew when implement inchoate Cha Hairen lives in mound new, be called " China the first village " . The bronze creese that checks sea relics to come up out of land, Shi Lian, stone v hoe, stone is spun annulus etc make clear, period of age the Warring States has a dweller to be engaged in nomadism here, chase to be produced with primitive agriculture, handicraft industry; Swallow Great Wall resembles " earthy dragon " horizontal wall is in mound new earth specification mounds to be Yan Guobei newly ministry border land and east the ground of the nomadism of moustache a group of things with common features; Unify of the Qin Dynasty 6 after closing, hun defeat utterly east introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad, mound new area is resided to what Hun occupies again; Chinese fierce emperor defeats Hun, give aid to Wu Huan's person is garrisoned mound to be taken newly; Period of the Eastern Han Dynasty rises abruptly from north Wu Huan place where troops are stationed moves south Xianbei a group of things with common features, many Xianbei person nomadism hereat; The Christian era 479 years of northward Qidan a group of things with common features submit to Northen Wei Dynasty, gradually south move mound to be stationed in herd newly, after Qidan builds big distant nation, in mound build have many state city and tower. Because this had many distant,acting involuntary discharge of urine is put and after distant a group of things with common features grave; Enter period of bright Qing Dynasty, lamaism gradually arisen, build have size cloister many 360, be called " east Tibet " luck should the temple has " famous Lama 3006, anonymous Lama is incomputable " view. Civilian Meng Mindu believes Lamaism, in daily life, no matter room of marriage funeral espouse, birth, lid wears house to want to do Buddhist ceremony activity; With this photograph echo still have hill of Chinese flowering crabapple, 1000 Fosan rub cliff statue. Rich historical culture, affect daily life form of the people necessarily, formed folk-custom culture stage by stage. In be like dietary culture " lama stew " , " lama kid " , " Mongolia pasty " , dress culture is consuetudinary Mongolia male gown, female embroider gown, waists-coat waits; Classical dancing has fane the dance that check Ma; Still have the Monggol nationality " Ao of hold a memorial ceremony for is wrapped " , " Nadam Fair " grand meeting. Civilian craft is consuetudinary have painterly, paper-cut, kite. Style entertainment is consuetudinary have " run the Yellow River " , asinine Pi Ying, old a popular rural folk dance is waited a moment, it is not to say really, write very much. These folk-custom item, accompanying the history closely not only develop and live, development, die out, evolve, and with its peculiar refraction, the social life that reflecting each historical period, culture creates the mental view with people.
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