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The man in full marriage is formal eat convention

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Manchu very exquisite marriage marries medium ceremony ceremony, old times to have a lot of trival regulations, if see the portal, ceremony that hold cigarette, put calm, betrothal gift, tea, change handleless cup, send day, cut through to wait. And marriage eats convention mediumly is the main component in these ceremonies. The man basically has the following side formal:

The food in betrothal gift must didymous and geminate (double whole pig, double whole sheep) , and must be work. Abb should paint red. Even evaporate makes every 0. 5 kilograms or so imprint the steamed bread that has word of bright red happy event, there is a jujube in the steamed bread, chestnut, take " stand early at " meaning. This kind of steamed bread, much person a hundred or so, little person tens of. After the woman receives next food, relatives and friends of steamed bread deal out, raise pig sheep rise or betray to bazaar, cannot butcher, because be the betrothal gift that manage a wedding, cannot kill unripe.

Happy fruit. Point to longan, jujube, chestnut, goober (earthnut) 4 kinds of dried fruit. When making new clothes, must buy these 4 kinds of dried fruit from inside fruit shop, when cotton for wadding is spent, put its in 4 corner of bedding. Longan is the idea that takes its member, jujube the idea that takes early unripe son, chestnut is taken establish Gui Zizhi meaning early, goober is taken bear children, the meaning of filial complete in both respects, place people auspicious type wish.

Build auspicious canopy. When marriage banquet, want to invite chef to be banquet of equipment of guest of the bride's side. Dinner table is much, want to build shed inside court commonly. This canopy is called " auspicious canopy " . Wintry day builds warm canopy, summer takes ma shelter (canopy having cloth and mat shed) . "The handleless cup that greet the door " . Bridal this day, the man wants prep against door, salute to new close elder member of family propose a toast, the position that stands because of bridegroom lies a Neizhengzhong outside, friend says " the handleless cup that greet the door " . The means that respects the handleless cup that greet the door has two kinds, it is when sending close madam to come, bridegroom is hit here 1000 (thin leg kneels down, ) of a kind of Manchu ceremony, propose a toast next; When the visitor that takes wine namely again comes, bridegroom also is hit here 1000 propose a toast. When sending close madam and the visitor that take wine to come to the bridegroom's or husband's family, the bridegroom's or husband's family sets person specially assigned for a task to go in these people please. At this moment, after sound calling a rite in v/arc waiter, bridegroom is hit on red felt 1000 propose a toast, and Xiang Xinqin respects discontinue wine 3 handleless cup.

Carry hamper. Be full-dress feast dish fill. Spread preparation by the sedan, rectangle, have multilayer, every make an appointment with 50 centimeters high, about 40 centimeters wide, long 1. 4 meters or so, both sides has pillar, crossbeam is installed on, measure the wood mouth upper part below to sticking word of bright red happy event. Wedding holds this day, the man should prepare the feast with one big and elegant desk for the woman, cry " Xie Qinxi " . Various dish all loads great hamper in, carrying by two people send. This is one of wedding necessary ceremony, it is to let install foster family heart of the daughter, appreciate the kindness that its foster. Already did not send the common that thanks close feast now, but have send " flesh leaving a woman " (live pig flesh) .
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