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Manchu general situation and travel are no-no

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Manchu mouth 9.82 million more than person (1990) . Basically distributing northeastern 3 provinces, blame with Liaoning most. A few inhabit a region is in a few big in city. Since clear generation, because Manhan is long-term live together, manchu narrow gradually with difference of the Han nationality. In the development process of the Chinese nation, manchu in the emerge in large numbers in politics, culture, scientific domain large quantities of one outstanding talents.

Sa of Manchu believe in is Manchu, return believe in buddhism later.

Manchu the language that has oneself, character. Full language belongs to phylum of A Er peaceful. 17 century after 40 time, manchu and general use Chinese and Han Wen, only a few old person of Heilongjiang can say full word now.

Manchu contraindication: Manchu the most outstanding avoid is read is to forbid to kill a dog, do not eat dog meat, do not wear dogskin hat, do not wear the dress that carries dogskin sleeve head; In the be a guest in Manchu home, do not drive a dog before master face, cannot speak ill of a dog more, otherwise master meeting thinks you are to insult him face to face, show the door can impolitely. Still abstain from dozen of magpie and crow. Go up with be on the west, special abstain from average person especially young sits on the west kang, more abstain from the woman is in on the west the child is born on kang. Avoid is in lever of all alone collect (divine lever) on fasten draught animals. Mouth of the gate when ancestor of hold a memorial ceremony for hangs put millet straw prepare for ancestral horses, avoid pregnant woman, widow and the person that wear dogskin hat are contacted.

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