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Dumpling of old edge of old edge dumpling is the whole nation the food of gust famous brand of the most negative great reputation, already had long history of 170 years up to now, element of old edge dumpling with the skin thin stuffing is beauty of big, bright fragrance, full-bodied not be bored with, loose be chewed easily and celebrated China and foreign countries. Old edge dumpling passes the elaborate development of a few acting name division, already developed now become seafood kind, the flesh kind, element stuffing kind the Laobian dumpling that waits for different method to be made 100 a variety of, develop shape the dumpling banquet of all sorts of different class. Old edge dumpling long negative great reputation, basically be to choose makings is exquisite, make careful, modelling is chic, taste delicacy is mellow, its original part is tone stuffing is mixed make a skin. A steamed dumping with the dough gathered at the top of home of horse of Home Ma a steamed dumping with the dough gathered at the top, it is Shenyang area the Huis of special gust is fastfood. Be in early Qing Jiaqing the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor (1796) , you Machun is initiated up to now, already had 200 old histories. There is not retail sales at that time, just come and go at lively downtown streets with hand push wheelbarrow, the edge does an edge to sell. As a result of Home Ma choosing of a steamed dumping with the dough gathered at the top expects strict, make careful, taste is good, modelling is beautiful, welcome so by masses. Qing Daoguang 8 years (1828) , by equestrian Chun Zhizi Ma Anyuan is in small the door barred two pallet retail sales are opened outside Ma Qiang on the west, establish a house of Home Ma a steamed dumping with the dough gathered at the top, after this does business busy, far and near is famed. Hind after many changes, just was located in small north door finally 1961, namely house of present Home Ma a steamed dumping with the dough gathered at the top, by Martens descendant the Ma Jiting of the Five Dynasties holds the position of instructor. The original part of Home Ma a steamed dumping with the dough gathered at the top: With boiled water dough made with boiling water, soft muscle, make filling range with rice flour, do not stick loose, 3 place such as oil of nest of the trident, violet lid that chooses an ox, waist do stuffing, fresh and tender alcohol is sweet. The requirement that make stuffing is strict, film of clean muscle of get rid of of beard general beef next chop; Use clear water dip to feed, add condiment to mix divide evenly not agitate, the " that submits few and far between form hurts water stuffing " , big ribbon does not wear when approach is wrapped, form if wooden fish, bright brilliant of face of the skin after maturity, soft muscle, stuffing heart is inattentive, mellow sweet smell is nice. Its appearance is just as a peony that be in bud, make the person looks and give birth to saliva. Unseal dumpling of fill dumpling fill introduces Shenyang at was being unsealed by Henan province 1959, end of the pork that use delicacy adds salt to wait bloat be soiled makes an appointment with 3 hours, add is entered chicken broth, cool the material after is oily, mix dumpling stuffing, in wrapping sheet jelly made from bean or sweet potato starch of essence of life, go up basket evaporate is ripe, leather thin stuffing is rare, juicily delicacy is sweet. Laoshan writes down old hill of sea wall pasty to write down sea wall pasty is Shenyang city tradition gust is fastfood, by wool green hill 1920 virgin at street of fane of fire of county of Liaoning sea city. Mao name hill, take its hill word, laoshan establishing name remembers pasty store, 1939 change arrives Shenyang. Sea wall pasty, warm water knead dough, choose pig, beef to be stuffing of an affectionate couple. Take flavor more than 10 kinds are boiled make, stuffing of sigh extraction juice cultivates its taste. Vegetable stuffing, change along with season, the tooth that choose a beans, leek, cucumber, green pepper, pumpkin, celery, Chinese cabbage make up, make element of cake stuffing meat or fish suitable, shade is appropriate, high-grade article still with fim, sea three, prawn, dried scallop, chicken moves stuffing, its taste is delicious and clinking more. Round color of shape of pasty finished product is yellow, leather face fragile pliable but strong, stuffing heart tender bright, delicacy is sweet 4 excessive. Deserve to wait with paste of Mo of oil of mashed garlic, chili, mustard dip in feed, more delicious and dainty. Of assist of congee of stock eight treasures, relaxed and goluptious, gust another. Shenyang turns round according to legend is between quiet day Guang Xunian, the family of gold having a last name opens shop of sesame seed cake to fend in Shenyang north door. Because manage not to be pooh-poohed, the business is bad all the time. One day is worth the Mid-autumn Festival, the business is more stagnant, come when still do not see deadbeat come midday, merchant is spellbound, take out a few copper cash inside iron small box then, bought some of beef chop coming home to become meat stuffing, become roll of face of sesame seed cake pellicle, fold approach of one the package that fold the ground to rise, preparative oneself crosses section edible. At this moment, come in suddenly from outside a poor person, model of food of bake in a pan of the place in seeing pot into inn is new, once sample, savour very beautiful. This poor person tells merchant at once, again bake in a pan sends one box toward house post, the in chorus after everybody is fed cries absolutely. After this, this kind of food temporarily reputation is big brace up, guan Min is contended for buy, the business is thriving with each passing day, name " to turn round so " . Bag of diced meat of diced meat bag is virgin the Anhui at 40 time, found a state Shen Cheng is introduced first. Diced meat bag chooses pink of essence of life to string together a face to make a skin, flesh of the chamfer before the pig cuts big diced meat, deserve to make stuffing with the complementary makings such as sauce of dried mushrooms, face, balm, Laoshang. Finished product is plump and well-balanced, face skin is loose, meat stuffing scatters, fat and not be bored with, delicacy is sweet soft crisp, aftertaste continous is long. The beef of the Chaoxian nationality that bake goes to fresh beef muscle film, leaf fat, cut cutlet, add powder of vinegar, soy, garlic, white sugar, pepper, gourmet powder, balm to mix divide evenly, end of end of wine of other equipment sauce, chili, white sugar, white vinegar, caraway, the dressing cent outfit such as garlic is put in the table at furnace of small bowl, charcoal fire in the center of, grate is put on, with the chopstick clip cutlet is put in the barbecue on grate, dip in feed after condiment, outside Jiao Li is tender, crisp sweet salty hot. Cake of furnace of condole of Yang Jia of cake of cake of furnace of Home Yang condole, egg, choose feed grain good people, make careful, taste type distinctive, having a unique style, this one traditional gust was 1913 by Heibei person Yang Yutian arrives south Jilin Tao contrive, establish date to be at that time poplar cake. Because inn of Home Yang flat bread gives birth to enthusiasm grand, manage expand ceaselessly, at liberating hind came to Shenyang 1950. The gallinaceous cake that added the silk that take chicken to spend a cap again to improve onefold management breed. From now on cake of cake of furnace of Home Yang condole, egg is famous at northeast each district. Cake of furnace of Home Yang condole, with warm water knead dough, the temperature of water changes as season with the quantity that use salt and increase and decrease. Cake piece after roll is good, charcoal furnace is baked on make, next bake in a pan are baked on, give heat fully completely. Round face of finished product shape is smooth, the skin that show a tiger is lubricious, distinct, outside Jiao Li is tender, faint scent is goluptious. Egg cake, cook with ground meat, bright mushroom, agaric, dried shrimps, add soup to tick off Gorgon euryale, irrigate go up at egg cake, submit beautiful cap form, rip chicken the end on filament park next, of assist eating cake, have a distinctive flavour. Bittern bright cake is tender, faint scent is full-bodied, again assist with edible of chili oil, mashed garlic, it is to perfect more, local color is distinctive. Flat bread of bacon of Li Liangui of flat bread of Li Liangui bacon, only then achieve 1842, be apart from already had 140 old histories today. Open at that time pear tree county is saved in Jilin, establish name flourishing thick, basically manage sauce flesh, flat bread and wine kind. The sauce flesh as a result of Home Li is clean, sodden, aroma, qing Dynasty of flat bread softness, layer, crisp sweet, because this is in,pear tree town often is guest of honour full, bustling, welcome by masses. 1937, of Li Liangui child Li Yao saves 4 smooth city to open branch to Jilin. After liberating, 1950, plum Yao Zi Li Chunsheng accedes ancestor course of study, carrying one altar old soup on the back, go to change of flat bread of Li Liangui bacon Shenyang. From now on, flat bread of Li Liangui bacon is in Shenyang take root, become the distinctive local color with Shenyang celebrated area. To retain the traditional trait of flat bread of Home Li bacon, li Chunsheng is in make and choose on makings meticulous. When he chooses pork, need not hematic neck, little stomach, special before groove arrives between costal region not not fat, thin, fat thin alternate with brings fresh pork of the skin, add alkaline rinse to be washed clean with Wen Shui next, in putting clear water, immerse 6, 10 hours, with cleared and blood-red urine smell, next dice is put into boiler to stew boil. Xia Qiu is seasonal, still add put fennel, in order to make sauce flesh more delicious flavour is thick, continuance at the same time Laoshang falls, the baked wheaten cake that use flourishing leaves to be stewed with Man of low baking temperature, make fleshy piece flips through up and down, cast aside foam giving surplus in time, wait for the fish out when fleshy piece is squashy, portion of drop only oil, air at fuming brown sugar is added in boiler fumigated and into. Flat bread joins flour to be counteracted with broth salt and condiment soft dough, wake face time is longer, roll piece wipe oil, repeat roll a few times, poker becomes cake. Its characteristic is bacon fat and not be bored with, thin and not bavin, fume sweet thick, sweet Ze Gong; Flat bread lubricious Huangqing is sweet, in soft outside short arrangement of ideas is much. The Chaoxian nationality on the west the tower is big cold face the Chaoxian nationality the making technology that large cold area uses the tower to eat to be pressed now now on the west, mouthfeel is path of withy, muscle, bright hot tastily. Stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup of round road of round road Yuanxiao, Yuanxiao obtains China name fastfood title, national gold prize. Dumpling of flourishing a small room is flourishing of a hunderd schools of collect of dumpling of a small room long, develop meticulously, carry on innovation to promote cooked food of series of grand a small room (the distant dish, plain dish, arenaceous boiler dish that stew, cold dish, pickles) , roll out dumpling series (more than kinds of 10 stuffing, the stuffing of stuffing of the cruelly oppress stuffing of 40 breed, a small room, stir-fry before stewing, steamed dumpling, dumpling that boil, decoct dumpling) , craft tradition is distinctive, make meticulously by hand, the characteristic is a skin thin, abdomen is full, bright fragrance is beautiful, full-bodied not be bored with, chew easily loose, relaxed and goluptious, modelling is beautiful, with its distinctive style develop a school of one's own. Traceable of pasty of wall of sea of sea wall pasty is clear end, for northward cate. Have choose thin stuffing of makings fastidious, skin big, outside Jiao Li is tender, oily and not the characteristic of be bored with. Gu of La Gu La is born at the stone of Benxi hill brook, river more, appearance is like shrimp quite, have the state of end of crab body fish. Can be burned or boil feed, juice also can be taken to boil after pound ripe, make the La Gu bean curd with delicious flavour. Brake dish is seen everywhere in a mountainous area Lin Yin, foot of a hill, meadow or field, natural resources is very substantial, tender bine can be fed, bar cold dish, fry bloat all beautiful. If bloat,come wintry spring, with clear water desalination, burn fry shredded meat, be the same as fresh and tender period and assuming color. Brake dish still can be used as medicine, entire individual plant contains Chan Ning 9.44% , flavour change sex is cold, have the effect that calms the nerves undisturbedly, the disease of medicable hypertension, insomnia, disease such as rheumatism sex arthritis. Prick tender bud to prick tender bud to contain rich ginseng element, can the disease such as cure rheumatism, diabetic, gastric ulcer, leucorrhoea, have powerful body strong the effect of body. Tender when the game that loves to eat very much for umbrella of urban and rural person, belong to the top grade in hill potherb.
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