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Shenyang characteristic dish

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Completely Chinese banquet

Draw materials of Man Hanyan banquet is extensive, include " Shan Bazhen " , " Liu Bazhen " , " Hai Bazhen " 3 kinds. "Shan Bazhen " it is bear's paw, hedgehog hydnum, rarely amounts to dish of kidney of can, flying dragon, tiger, elk, ginseng, brake to wait; "Liu Bazhen " to eat assorted toad, hump, a kind of dried mushroom, Yu Huang chicken of precious of mushroom, phoenix claw mushroom, corn, Sha Feng, grouse; "Hai Bazhen " namely skin of abdomen of egg of ginseng of shark wing, thorn, Xian Bei, violet Bao, mullet, slate cod croaker, fish. Wine shop of board of big public house of Shenyang new world, drive can undertake Man Hanquan banquet.
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Phone of big public house of Shenyang new world: 024-23869888
Phone of drive board wine shop: 024-23234448


The Chaoxian nationality makes cake

The Chaoxian nationality makes cake is to use immerse the polished glutinous rice with ripe evaporate, put on chopping board to hit grown cake record with mallet, stuffing of sweetened bean taste is placed among, add white sugar to be made, sweet and goluptious.

The Chaoxian nationality bakes beef

The beef of the Chaoxian nationality that bake goes to fresh beef muscle film, leaf fat, cut cutlet, add powder of vinegar, soy, garlic, white sugar, pepper, gourmet powder, balm to mix divide evenly, end of end of wine of other equipment sauce, chili, white sugar, white vinegar, caraway, the dressing cent outfit such as garlic is put in the table at furnace of small bowl, charcoal fire in the center of, grate is put on, with the chopstick clip cutlet is put in the barbecue on grate, dip in feed after condiment, outside Jiao Li is tender, crisp sweet salty hot.

The Chaoxian nationality on the west the tower is big cold face

The Chaoxian nationality the making technology that large cold area uses the tower to eat to be pressed now now on the west, mouthfeel is path of withy, muscle, bright hot tastily.

Fill dumpling

Fill dumpling introduces Shenyang at was being unsealed by Henan province 1959, end of the pork that use delicacy adds the souse such as salt about 3 hours, add is mixed into chicken broth cool the material after is oily, mix dumpling stuffing, in wrapping sheet jelly made from bean or sweet potato starch of essence of life, go up basket evaporate is ripe, leather thin stuffing is rare, much sweat delicacy is sweet.

Old edge dumpling

Old edge dumpling is Shenyang famous and fastfood. From Heibei by Bian Fuyu the province passed into Shenyang 1828. After will wringing broken pork stir-fry before stewing to fry, make with chicken broth or bone soup cook over a slow fire, make it steamed dumpling. Old edge dumpling chooses makings essence of life, with makings is extensive, breed is much, taste is good.
Recommend cafeteria: Fill house of dumpling of Beijing old edge
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