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Dalian cate guideline

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Shop - integral circumstance

Shop in Dalian, you answer above all with a view to is rich and full-bodied " Dalian flavour " seafood, fruit, handicraft reachs dress act the role ofing to taste.

Main special local product has: The choice seafood product such as candy of crisp heart of holothurian, kelp, abalone, prawn, scallop, sweet snail, red shrimp, fruit and the glasswork such as cherry of peach of balas apple, gold, Dalian, embroider is tasted, the handicraft such as shell carving picture.

Dalian 4 big mart: ? Street of green mud depression bridge, Tianjin shops on foot road of a street, people, Xi'an road.

Among them, the shopping centre of green mud depression bridge near You Yihuo station is most flourishing.
Travel purpose underground stands: Aerospace is outdoors and expeditionary, love hate interweaves the Duoniya in new noise made in coughing or vomiting the well-known company of brigade focusing home of heaven is well-known bazaar: Inn of big trade group, Qiu Lin daughter, apply Qiu Lin, Maikaile first dress of edifice of square of bazaar, victory, resurgence, Korea is wholesale the city.

Shopping mall of Tianjin street traffic, enjoy " the Nanjing road of Dalian " say, along the road one day the old brand shop such as city of dress of street of edifice of peaceful of mansion of business of 100 buildings, the natural bonds and ethical relationships between members of a family, country, Tianjin. The friendship store on people road is the business mansion with highest grade Dalian, and the Milky way on Xi'an road the 100 new window that fill shopping centers and domestic Le Fu to already made Dalian trade.

Characteristic travel commodity

Shop - characteristic travel commodity - shellfish (Dalian)

Shellfish Xian child: Weigh clam again, the Xian having a flower with Dalian common area child, sanded Xian child, clam, cockle, green clam a few kinds, boil feed, cold and dressed with sause, explode fry, do stuffing, flavour all beautiful.

Hai Gong: Weigh mussel again, flavour is delicious, nutrition is rich, it is the important choice seafood that Dalian person happy event feeds.

Blood clam: Call wool Xian again child. Basically live in coastwise loose ooze, the flesh is qualitative fresh and tender fleshy, path of be ignorant of is admirable.

Ostracean: Call the sea Li again child, already but cooked food, but delicacy is fed. Xian Hai Li child after classics deepfry, but cooking fizzles out into scamper Li. sea Li child put together with pickled Chinese cabbage stew, but Li of make it sea child chaffy dish.

Scallop: Because its appearance resembles fan, and from this and get a name. After fresh fan shell is thoroughlied cook can direct delicacy is fed, can dip in again spice and feed. After scallop Ding Qu gives insolation, can make famous sea curiosa -- dried scallop.

Dalian area is common but edible kind seafood still has snail of scraper-trough conveyer of conch, mud, razor clam, small wave to wait.
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