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The Pan Jin that is located in distant river delta is China's largest river crab producing area, element has " crab " say. Of Pan Jin crab, be not without foundation to fabricate however. Wide for the balladry that circulate " fish of dip of gourd ladle of v&n bastinado river deer, crab arrives by the nest in " , depict racily gave the state that crab teems with on Pan Jin history.

We one boiler piece (Xi Feng) : Does Li  make uranium subtle  of kind of low awl  does farsighted  of ∠ moth  make cadmium of collapse of an ancient wine vessel made of horn that return  smooth with a rake to believe beat up just does ⒂ drop stay of proceedings just does principle columns of a hall of ⑼ refine band swallow delicacy of be ignorant of of  of   cherry shovel of stay of proceedings of  of  of miserable lie of cheese of bag of  of bluff of  location Gou?

Staple food of northeast black rice (Xi Feng) : Border and the source drinks to to shirk of Piao of collect of Li of  of liver  sole cost  of  of Yuan of bald to shirk of level ground of spoon of Su of ⒑ of E   is hard Mou of warbler of locust of dispatch of moisture in the soil of grieve of big pool of  of  of cowardly of moisture in the soil of the pure  that bask in Jia embraces brightness Fu to shirk of copy F have diarrhoea washing with watercolors drinks E  : Fact of  of grave of  of つ of Hun of to shirk Zi impossibles  of  of expostulate with of  of  of simple fact of flesh of this Sao  calls out  of  of grave of fan of Chong of ㄏ of  of dirty trade abundant  of Sao of δ of mildew of ┯ of bursa of Xing Huan ǖ subtles Xiao make ┕ smooth with a rake to take  of cellar of R of our  Pi to hold

Pork stews noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch: Hut Tao  goes Bei wrings ⒉  to drill fierce refine of cowardly of Jia  fade rouses  of  of v/LIT an amphora-like jar of delay of  of  of コ soft-shelled turtle to make fun of  swell live country fairdyke of annulus of ⒖ of ⒐   imprints dispute of ⒍ drag ill ⒔  abdicate private school sends  of school of  of grave of  of ┙  

Northeast folk is powdery lane everywhere. Arrive Qiu Dong, the collect of far village child in, that one for nothing field, it is powdery lane. Powdery lane basically is a potato treatment milling, save a " powder " , use with eating for a long time fully. Pink is northeastern it is the delicious food that people life cannot leave, and stew pink especially with pork, strange sweet clinking. Because broth is in inside had effect, flavor stew into pink inside went, eat on one, lingering fragrance is endless. Be in the ground of travel especially, swim people plays tired, eat pork on one times to stew powdery a brief informal note to abode, the person can exert all his strength all over, and mental coruscate, will surely run quickly toward difficult journey afresh.
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