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Marvellous Chui island

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Wooden club island is located in seaside road east upright, dalian city southeast arranges 5 kilometers place. Here 3 annulus hill, be close to at the same time the sea; Group of hill are in surround, wide sea area and even beach are south. Because off shore has one isle on the offing of 500 meters of far,the antecedents of name of wooden club island is abrupt and stand, look far, extremely a wooden club that pounds the dress to use like farmhouse, friend calls wooden club the island. The mist of block of cloud of 3 hill island of far is overspread, empty dim blurred as Hai Zhongxian hill. The marvellous Chui island of vicinity is circulating beautiful and moving fokelore, be charmed making a person. Group of on hill overgrow all round pine greenery, silver-colored billow of bathing place blue waves, jin Sha twinkles, here is one is the scenery resort of main landscape with hill, sea, island, beach. Early morning watchs wonderful sunrise to the seaside, will to here watch Hai Tingtao towards evening, more briny bathhouse can have a good swim one time. tired can live guesthouse, seating of famous guesthouse of marvellous Chui island falls here. In running water bathhouse south, still built a hotel of luxurious wooden club insularity 1960.


Area of scene of marvellous Chui island is in of seaside road east upright, be apart from downtown to make an appointment with 9 kilometers.

As a result of 559 time, a few conferences often are in center Dalian is held, central leader and foreign dynast also arrive to check the job or visit to Dalian ceaselessly, dalian city facilitates came 1959 a hotel built here between 1961. The Zhou En that we adore comes marshal of premier, Zhu De's chairman, Chairman Liu Shaoji, Xie Jianying, and the Hua Guofeng later, Hu Yaobang, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin had lived here more. Guesthouse of wooden club island is Dalian city's only state guest house.

Of guesthouse cover an area of a face to accumulate 87 hectare, floor area 42137 square metre, the establishment of modern recreational recreation such as the golf field that has a level, tennis court, swimming-pool, bowling house, guesthouse of wooden club island is greeting the visitor of all corners of the land with brand-new appearance nowadays.

Scene area north is group of hill to surround, pines and cypresses of verdant green. Wide sea area and even beach are south, the 3 hill island of far, cloud block mist is overspread, empty 濛 is blurred as Hai Zhongxian hill. In be apart from the coast 600 meters of place, have the isle of shape of ginseng of one be similar in shape, area 0.3 square kilometer, common says the club beats an island. The island toes disembark cliff is abrupt, strange stone is bony, pediment weed pervades complete island.

Area of villa of wooden club island is be built in those days, share 7, structure style each different: 1 is ethical style and Western-style photograph union with 7, delicate and beautiful; 2 mix 6 is boat type building, the sea is watched in the balcony of the building, as if on the board that stands in ship; 3 fasten Japanese type style, refined in show a kind fully to nature kiss and; 4 use Chinese nation characteristic completely with 5, big house top, glazed tile, allegedly mood of these 7 floors prepares for members of standing committee of central the Political Bureau. Highest floor mood 9 buildings, prepare to join the central committee members of the conference; The large international auditoria of guesthouse of 8 floors mood and banqueting hall.
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