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Put valley channel on the ice

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Glacial valley is provincial travel goes vacationing the area is located in north of city of Dalian village river 40 kilometers place, 1000 hill are carried south the mountain range. Whole area area 130 square kilometer, tripartite confrontation of Shan Sanshan of hill of the Long Huashan inside the area, lotus, lark, have an animal hundreds of kinds, on the plant 1000 kinds, can says natural move arboretum. Hill issues flower accept river, small valley river two rivers surround, river water is become by countless spring assemble, cold of water quality pleasant tastily, contain a variety of beneficial to human body microelement. The peak surprises inside the area Tan Mingche of deep and serene, brook, Linmao spends cereal of bristly, channel numerous. The scenery is not Guilin of Guilin be better than, it is northern region is away for the summer holidays best recreational resort.


Putting valley on the ice is discovered at the beginning of 80 time. Almost insular at that time.

80 time end, the government covers an area of the place of 170 square kilometer to undertake travelling developing to this. Formed travel glacial valley to go vacationing area. The glamour that puts valley on the ice is not decreased all the year round, the temperature that summer puts valley on the ice is particularly cool, it is the good land that be away for the summer holidays. The autumn is the season with glacial the most beautiful valley, wave dance is worn multicolored and the chain of mountains of red autumnal leaves, colorful. Putting the season with the grandest valley on the ice is winter, stone forest resembles the whiteness like jade, strange peak resembles eye of crystal and same boast, spring coagulated to put shade on the ice, mountain of eyeful iceberg snow.

Glacial valley by the coronal with " distant Na Xiaogui forest " , " northeast channel of 9 stockaded village " , " Oriental small Switzerland " good name. The hill that puts valley on the ice has northward mountain ridge already the imposing manner of straightforward bold and unconstrained, have the charm with elegant exquisite of austral ridges and peaks again. Among them the celestial being hole of small of the back of the fameddest Mount Hua of dragon wanting number, there is Buddha inside the hole two cloister, every day cigarette winds around, get a name so.

In putting the channel cereal with numerous valley on the ice, can excursive is main by south channel and boreal channel. The beautiful scenery clever charm of nature ases if to condense completely here.

The water that puts valley on the ice basically is to point to shed two rivers inside classics scene area: River of small valley of affluent of flower accept river, flower accept river. Flower accept river is like the silken belt of a white, along ice valley circles and go. Small valley river is like line of a root, twining a Gu peak mountain forest. As a result of millions upon millions years erode, if the wadi cleanness that puts valley on the ice is new, formed one everywhere the beach of white softness, the cobble of all sorts of configuration spreads all over river valley. The river bottom that puts valley on the ice is terrane structure more, green jade water is clear be like lens, swim clarity of piscine fine stone is in eye.
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