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Dalian is located in distant east the Na Duan of the peninsula, be close to on the west the Bohai Sea, yellow Sea is faced east, face the Pacific Ocean of insignificant of mist-covered water grand. Water of annulus of all sides hill is circled, scene charming and gentle, climate is delightful, it is our country's famous travel seaside city. Its face the sea to be in bay more, reef is strewn at random, landforms is peculiar, the littoral scene of the quiet and tastefully laid out bright and beautiful that formed blue sky, blue sea, Bai Sha, black reef to be characteristic, it is resort of the travel with our country northern famous region, recreational, recuperate.

Urban south seaside is full-length 30 much kilometers, seaside of seaside of on the way wooden club island, tiger beach Eden, Fu Jiazhuang, Baiyun sea of mountain villa park and astral sea park, star is met exhibit a center to wait to become a gleam of repeatedly; The countless reef in coastal waters, islands, 1000 appearance 100 condition, yin and yang fluctuates, full of humour and wit; Coastal a few scene visit a tourist attraction, meantime has be well versed in of photograph of highway of a seaside, traffic is convenient.

"Be less than brigade to arrange, crooked comes Dalian " , the another department view that brigade read smoothly is Dalian visits an area, already brigade of natural fine harbor arranges naval port, have again be called " adder is regnal " anguine island, bird island alone attractive natural landscape. Travel of inscriptions beach country goes vacationing the construction of beauty spot of island of Wang Jiu of beauty spot of area, Zhuang Hebing valley, sea and area of lotus lake travel also has dimensions and distinguishing feature quite. Go brigade is arranged basically is not to watch the sea to swim however hill. Here hill is much, the name is peculiar also, hill of Bai Yushan, gold, silver hill is waited a moment, hill hill contest is beautiful; Still tower of Bai Yuda, victory, friendship tower is waited a moment, tower tower is peculiar.

The social culture life of Dalian is very active, already became far and near famed " dress city " , " football city " , " travel city " . Annual in May, the pagoda tree spends contest to put, more show " the pagoda tree spends a city " attractive charm.   
General situation:
Dalian city general situation
Area size: 0411
Postcode: 116000
The position: Be located in distant east peninsula most Na Duan, yellow Sea is faced east, xi Bin Bohai Sea, with Shandong the peninsula lies between sea facies to look south.
Division into districts: Administer 6 areas (Zhongshan, Xi Gang, sanded bayou, Gan Jing child, city of brigade read smoothly, gold) , city of 3 counties class (tile-roofed house inn, Pu Lan inn, Zhuang He) with an island county (long sea) .
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