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Breath out celestial being island shadow art crosses false village

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Breath out celestial being island----The new show that zoology of our country northward maritime space travels

The island of haing celestial being of scene charming and gentle, air is top-ranking, seawater is top-ranking, food is top-ranking, the scenery is top-ranking. Golden beach is collected emerald green the elite of maritime space of north and south, romantic beach, beautiful reef, clear seawater and bore enough make photograph, lover of painterly, travel stays to forget to return repeatedly. Here not only can uprise overlook, it is go into business swims more, the Eden of yacht, go angling, Shi Bei; With its blue sea blue sky is mixed here the zoology travel scope of operation that thick fishing home amorous feelings and fishing home built a the Land of Peach Blossoms from yield seafood.

Shadow art crosses false village 3 annulus sea, be apart from dock 200 meters, be liaison man of island of haing celestial being surely the ground of classics. The beach that surrounds partly, harbour is to swim, the go angling, optimal place that drives the of great capacity.

Shadow art crosses sea of appearance of false village courtyard, lie between a bay to leaving the port city of the boat to going up (the tourist can sit in the room to await a ship) . Indoor set toilet, shower of solar energy fresh water, the equipment such as acoustics, additionally photography of nearly 100 scene and calligraphy work are exhibited admire for tourist.

Shadow art crosses false village to be able to welcome a visitor at present 90 people, the star is tasted on the bed of class guesthouse, lie in bed can listen to the sea here, lie between a window to be able to treat the lake, go out with respect to go into business. Front door can watch sunrise, back door can look at sunset.

Assume office formerly at Harbin Zhaowen lays this store manager of an university gentleman (Heilongjiang photographer academician, advanced title teachs in, ) true-blue welcome everybody.

Journey course: Multiply after the train below Pu Lan inn or tile-roofed house inn in cling to or the taxi arrives leather mouth harbor, change breaths out boat of date of celestial being island 50 minutes to be able to amount to an island, go ashore room for manoeuver arrives 5 minutes already all right shadow art crosses false village.

Station of bridge of hillock of Dalian city north has a car to arrive directly at leather mouth harbor;

Connect a telephone call: 0411-89880259
Zhaowen gives birth to a mobile phone: 13841126893

This scene area is Chinese travel net [51 tourists get stuck] destination of the travel that decide a dot, phone of the tourist that hold card seeks advice and make an appointment, can enjoy member price. >> I should file card

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