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Deep Dalian of autumn drive car finds romance

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The season that a lot of people think Dalian is best is in the summer, the sky of clear seawater, azure blue, settleclear fine beach, delightful climate... actually, the autumn of Dalian is likewise attractive. Diurnal average air temperature was in Dalian September 25 degrees or so, briny water is warm control in 23 degrees, with summertime water lukewarm keep balance, marine biology begins to add fertilizer, flavour is more delicious, the sky is fine, very few overcast and rainy, large activity is numerous, division of famous Dalian international clothing is in annual the middle ten days of a month was held in September. In October, in November, be in northern most region already was autumn wind rustles, when everythings on earth is destitute, dalian still is eyeful light green, climate is delightful... if say to see the romance of summer Dalian,be in beach, so in seeing the romance of autumn day Dalian want a city.

Deep Dalian of autumn drive car searchs romance

As the strength that has car a group of things with common features in last few years, drive oneself journey more and more get the favour of people. Dalian drives oneself to love a group of things with common features swimming friend is special prepared a special autumn great gift. Imagine -- in dry,crisp air of autumn season, or invite 35 good friends, or carry parental wife, drive gallop go up in the Dalian seaside way with graceful scenery, it is green hill depend on each other at the same time, it is the sea is companion at the same time, the charm square that passes lover bank, sea on the way, Jing billows takes a bank, 18 dishes, the numerous beautiful scenery such as beach of bridge of marvellous Chui island, Beijing University, gold, face of autumn wind stroke, all the way mirth, this is what kind is satisfied.

The car goes to astral sea square, can jockey small rest, with close friends accept as a souvenir of a group photo. Completion of astral sea square during 1997 Hong Kong returns to the motherland, it is the public square with Dalian and even complete Asia the largest scale, gross area makes an appointment with 1.76 million square metre. The astral sea that square north is modernization can exhibit a center, the south overlooks the lake is place of carve of hundred years city, the vicissitudes of life that Dalian of implied meaning of 100 pairs of footmark just has taken hundred years, innocent children is statuary the hope that placing Dalian people, those who face sea day to open wide is big " book " reveal this city to open up bosom; In city carve nearby stand erect is worn the Ao Lian graceful You Lun of hundred years beacon and new anchor.

Besides be in on seaside road besides motoring, still can drive amuse oneself of and other places of read smoothly of beach of the channel glacial valley besides the urban district, inscriptions, brigade. Channel glacial valley is located in north of village river city 40 kilometers place, it is the lofty mountains that gives priority to tone with peculiar, elegant natural landscape beauty spot. " northeast small Guilin " name is the properest the amorous feelings that mirrorred channel glacial valley nevertheless, the karst the general configuration of the earth's surface that there is a typical case here -- strange peak is bony, channel gully is deep and serene, linfan Xie Mao -- the Changjiang Delta Cai Jun that Juan Xiu is in tree resembling jade to face wind, the beautiful of a region of rivers and lakes that gentle and graceful graceful is like when Rou Jing beautiful... make that one group when red autumnal leaves in autumn frost only " Dan Feng glacial valley " picture of gorgeous coloured glaze, the flavour of the Yang Gang that just can let a person look for trifling north.

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