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Liaoning of 4 names hill head -- 1000 hill strategy

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1000 hill beauty spot is scenery of national AAAA class scenic spot; It is one of travel scene areas with the famousest northeast; House Liaoning first of 4 names hill; Buddha path is the same as hill, the history is long. Be located in outskirt of southeast of Liaoning saddle hill. Be apart from Shenyang to make an appointment with 100 kilometers; Be apart from Dalian to make an appointment with 260 kilometers.

1000 hill have advocate scene area and area of scene of celestial being stage two large area. Advocate ticket of scene area gate 50 yuan, there is some of scene area to receive wicket bill additionally still inside the area (5 yuan or so) . Advocate scene area is located in channel of 1000 hill north. Front door square is apart from saddle hill railway station to make an appointment with 20km, in there are 8 when leave for 1000 hills fair steams near the railway station cling to, fare 2 yuan, travel makes an appointment with 20 minutes, very convenient. After entering 1000 hill front door, make an appointment with 15 ~ 20 minutes on foot, can arrive at the first big tourist attraction -- the entrance of area of boundless view scene.

Boundless view is cut into a mountain of 1000 hill Taoism ancestor front courtyard, this scene area is 1000 hill the scene area of the richest clever interest, the Dong Ge that boundless watchs, Xi Ge, the day of day of the clip flat rock of the hill after reaching, have a skyrocketing rise, sky, a gleam of, stone that do not have a root, wooden fish stone, it is the tourist attraction that You Qianshan goes to surely. This scene area wants play 2 hours about.

The dragon spring temple inside boreal channel, it is 1000 hill buddhism front courtyard of ancestor of cut into a mountain, there is east of Shanhaiguan inside the study that boyhood of Wang Erlie of the first talent reads in 1000 hill (Xi Ge) . Wang Erlie ever was the teacher of period of teenager of fine pacify emperor, with Liu Yong, discipline Xiao Lan is reached and 珅 is an official with face. Clear generation 100 birthday screen is Ceng Tongshu of more than 100 Number One Scholar, Mingshi birthday of Wang Erlie congratulate. Show its duplicate in temple of spring of 1000 hill dragon Xi Ge exhibits. Visit this scene area to need 1 hour about.

Area of scene of boreal channel big Buddha with natural granite hill bodily form is like gigantic Maitreya and famed the world. Visit this scene area to need 2 hours about.

After temple of spring of view of boundless of the join inside boreal channel, dragon, 5 Buddha support, the drive of hill sees hill scene area with hill road arduous, scene is beautiful and famous. Visit this scene area to need 3 hours about.

There still is 5 Buddhas top, ancient course to close inside boreal channel, hut of gold of Zu Yue temple, clever cliff temple, fine gold, day should language of palace, bird forest wait for Xiaojing to nod.

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