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Play turn memorandum of Dalian idle away in seeking pleasure [graph]

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Play to cannot leave the sea all the way

Because we live in guesthouse of marvellous Chui insularity (in October the preferential price over there is before the bottom 330 yuan / ) , so we begin from marvellous Chui island namely to the understanding of Dalian.

Should be in be addicted to of marvellous Chui island after afternoon, the following day we began early in the morning the brigade of Dalian place's most typical seaside way, local friend tells us, you want to play in Dalian as far as possible much tourist attraction, this journey is the simplest, the means of the most economic time.

Place recommends the journey:

Seaside park -- the charm square of the sea -- lover bank -- 18 dishes -- Wang Haiting -- marvellous Chui island -- tiger beach -- house of polar and marine animal -- Beijing University bridge -- bird's nest mountain -- area of Fu Jiazhuang scene -- astral sea square (whole journey near

Special clew: 18 dishes are a paragraph of very abrupt and tortuous hill path, repair the past all the time along the seaside. This road very the road-sense of test person, because gradient is not small, and often should stop the car will take a picture, so " since slope " the technology must want excellent.

Entrance ticket:

The entrance ticket of seaside park is every car 5 money, look Dalian person is very encourage drive of travel; Park of marvellous Chui island also wants collection entrance ticket, if you do not have guesthouse, entrance ticket is everybody 20 yuan; The entrance ticket of house of polar and marine animal is everybody 90 yuan, can see a wonderful cetacean cowfish is performed nevertheless, still do not calculate expensive.

Additional, be worth what carry is, if you can stay a long time more in Dalian, you should be located in Dalian and brigade to arrange between " the world on water " time, writing above this doorplate date " brigade is suitable south road 999 " huge building is the Eden of the biggest indoor paddle theme on the world. Swim racily on two hours, play again over there various You Le toys, it is exciting very; Play tired, can look for an anteroom, dozen card games, sing sing, complete relaxation. At present " the world on water " entrance ticket is 99 yuan / person (not in a limited time) , can enjoy free sauna, still have big self-help dinner.

Eat all sorts of gust all to have

In Dalian, what should eat most is seafood.

Every day the Dalian registered office of fishing port is on Yan'an road. Have 3 food the famousest, say " eat sea urchin raw " . After dissectioning among, with small spoon dip, dip in horseradish (mustard) eat, the thorn of sea urchin still is being moved, before Ren Yi, choose please delicate. 2 say " holothurian two eat " , eating is unripe mix caraway, mouthfeel is a bit acerbity, another eating is to do boiling water; 3 say sea bowel fries leek, skip fragile relaxed. Besides, still have " lane of seafood of 10 thousand treasure " famouser also, the price and every day fishing port is about the same.

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