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Strategy of Liaoning travel notes: Travel notes of Dalian summer vacation time

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South was become hard sultrily in August, I ran to Dalian area to be away for the summer holidays, the sense after coming back is better, draw up the experience of travel come, nonlocal customer comes Dalian is about to consider above all live, general and annual 7, August is here when the person is more (be away for the summer holidays) , the price between the standard of general and common guesthouse is in 150 - 250 the left and right sides, again low have small force to abandon only, oneself are abandoned with respect to the brigade that has stayed in 30 yuan one day, the condition lets a person poorly be envisaged hard, and do not have bath bath, summer played a suit sweat, can brush only, painful. The proposal lives in greatly above fasten too miserly, but cheap abode also has, can come out from the railway station, the square that sees one is widened -- triumphal square, down square west have a lot of business stores, there are a lot of lanes by what business spreads, general alley child inside a lot of brigade are abandoned, but remember comparing a few more, want to remember cutting the price, but must look for to be able to bathe. The comfortable dot that if want,lives is OK also, oneself recommend the expert building guesthouse of Dalian medical university, oneself had lived one day in that, between the summertime price level of guesthouse 180 yuan a day, a little valuable feature, but the position is very good, be in a room to be able to see the sea, and very close from famous astral sea square, one station fair car can arrive, can go to what wind of one go into business experiences on square to sway in the evening, very bright, I go up late that day in what arrive square rambles, the feeling in the evening and diurnal differ completely, if so economy is permitted, a right choice is over there. If want 5 stars hotel to also have, there is Swiss hotel to be able to choose in Dalian, it is on the business street with the busiest Dalian, the park works namely on, the environment is good.

The thing that has in Dalian has seafood only, the price that feels seafood is not cheap, local eats seafood to be in small a poetic name of China, if think self-help sees the introduction of other concerned travel notes, here did not introduce in detail, if eat not seafood of be used to, can arrive the barbecue of station square a street, there are a lot of barbecues over there, taste is good, the characteristic iron plate that Dalian should carry here bakes a squid, this can be completely state-owned name, but if want to eat seafood to had better not be in 7 - came in August, at this moment Dalian seals the sea, new sea product is done not have, dalian place has a meal taste slants salty, the strangest is to do not have mature vinegar, have white vinegar only, place does not have the breakfast dot of roadside, had eaten in first-class hotel again start off, have hungry gut only otherwise, the place that takes in the evening nevertheless is very much, can make an appointment with on 35 friends, take beer of on one box to eat well in barbecue inn, midnight does business normally over there, it is the good place of a party.

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