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Strategy of Liaoning travel notes: Dalian swims 1

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On April 12 afternoon 5: Airport of Pudong of flight of 30 northward aviation, incur loss through delay takes off half hours.

Arrived at 8 o'clock about field of pickaback plane of Dalian week water, the airport is very close from the urban district, car Cheng half hours. Charge is controlled 25 yuan.

Live Swiss hotel (5 stars) , old hall is in 8 buildings (strange! ) , reception is informed did not book (actually because of room full house) , the mobile phone contacts company place manager,

Reception reorder, live top layer 35 buildings (Executive Room) .

The room is ritzy, night scene of city of Dalian of look down at, too beautiful. Wash and dress is over, set out immediately shop, the hotel is located in shopping centre, go casually. Hit next go boat of seafood of 10 thousand treasure, seafood of food taken late at night. Wool blood clam, opium fish, prawn.

Replied a public house at 10 o'clock about, indonesian band listens to sing in bar, drink beer and local colleague to chat.

Answered a room at 12 o'clock, see program of HBO film station, title did not notice, tell an Ireland farmer to be in the United States pan,

The story of land is grabbed when be being developed western. Add the love story between he and landlord daughter among them, ending is the lover becomes spouses eventually.

Slept at 2 o'clock about. The sun will rise all the same tomorrow.

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