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Strategy of Liaoning travel notes: 51 promote a city to swim 1

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The city is promoted to look before early with respect to the plan, amuse oneself beguilement. 5.1 have time at long last, but won't do want by her rinse one, sigh, helpless. Be in a travel before finally a few days, was to find a few playfellow at long last, unapt make this go on a journey too alone. But in the following day my discovery looks for 3 MM to become playfellow is not a good idea, again sigh, helpless.

In leave for 1522 train that begin a city to go up from Harbin, what the face purchases 200 yuan to 3 companions flower is full two big polybag I feel all sorts of food giddy dazzled, the abundance of the breed of deal can'ts help letting me answer the competition ground that athletic meeting opens when remembering elementary school to dine together. It is one pair goes on the side of my seat the sweethearts of Changchun, probably 28, the appearance of 9. Long hair of girl big eye, give a person very relaxed sense, resemble her about quite, can'ted help looking several times. Male friend of the girl wears glasses, gentle, with oneself also the place of part likeness (laugh) . This is like fast marriage to the lover, mutual very care the other side, remember she is absent suddenly my beside, below the heart cloudily.

All the way the mouth ate ceaselessly to arrive to start a city eventually, the first business that does after starting a city buys return trip ticket namely. Starting a city is a small town, the brings seat number ticket that the railway station sells is very few, buy even berth not quite easily, if do not want to standing to come home or buy return trip ticket as soon as possible,tell everybody so. The weather starting a city of 5.1 is exceedingly good, the mood it may not be a bad idea that aureate sunshine lets me a lot of. Just walked out of a railway station to be surrounded immediately come over a lot of taxi driver, no matter they are preemptive,the plan says piece of tourist guide again, the decision after discussing with 3 MM goes first seaside. The driver that walks over to be able to say very much at this moment, asked the price to the seaside, 10 yuan of feelings do not calculate expensive take his car with respect to the decision. Promote a city to go the taxi of the seaside does not make a list, uniform price 10 yuan, if you insist to also can be hit,express of course, but the space that has 9 kilometers to the seaside from the railway station, if making a list, fare is controlled in 15 yuan. The likelihood is the relation of travel city, the taxi driver here very can Kan, the person is honester also. Going following a driver to chat on the road of the seaside, ask him to help the guesthouse that looks for a seaside, he drives to send us directly the name grooms to omit farming report central guesthouse. The room sees after entering hotel first, the clerk took us to see a level first, the requirement is general, and the feeling that the room of 3 buildings depresses to the person. Ask between the level with a bit higher floor, answer between the standard with good floor repletion, what have 7 only is common still have guest room, consultative get on 7 to look to say again first. 7 common take toilet, return collect work, I look at the sea of the stretch to the horizon outside the window, the bouncing sunshine in the room is touched very much in the heart, instantly decision lives tonight here.
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