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Strategy of Liaoning travel notes: The channel glacial valley that swims in Dali

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If time is abundant, can choose this route. The scene that coming is channel glacial valley leaves Dalian " marine " fascia photograph goes very far, 2 antecedents Cheng also is leaving Dalian to hold out Yuan Tingyuan. Is prep so far as much further? Let me check. Oh, give Dalian to must pass through toward northeast inn of golden city, general orchid, Zhuang He, suitable word nonstop must drive on 3 many hours.

Because catching up with long road, without nonstop trailer coach, be forced to take Zhuang He's bus, turn in Zhuang He again in cling to. In cling to driver and booking clerk are very interesting, it is to develop me to cry continuously first " girl " (what eyes ah) , it is to be accompanied again again go " WC " take the place of again buy a ticket, good one works, seeing hint of a future life is not too ideal.

As expected, open a Zhuang He not far, in cling to " drunk " entered billow Huang Chen, say him " drunk " , because road condition is bad,be, automobile body 7 crooked the 8 jolt that twist, " agitate " case all the way dust, still intense sunset cover over bars the ground is tracked, can ground of again and again opens have sth in mind. Go up in the seat askew, pass through dust, saw do dry riverbed, see the someone of marvellous be on duty at the door or gate of full buttress corn, see lonesome village lonely lonely receive us of lonely lonely send us...

Is this really forward should I go " northeast small Guilin " stand by?

I had gone to Guilin, be 92 years when, stayed 5 days, had swum cliff of the proboscis hill, hill that fold colour, volt wave hill, west hill, reed, 7 stars cliff, still have Li river of course, clear and gently tranquil surface, sway cross-strait fernleaf hedge bamboo, it is to sigh in the heart mix gently bright, downy emerald green. It is Yang Shuo did not go unexpectedly only (the problem that the reason is like is bill bill) , little better a handle. In those days from when Guilin overlooking on the plane, feel she resembles a big miniascape, hill of fine fine spinous discharges one row, a long and thin river (it is Li river) winding meantime, rectify namely again piece circle closely those who circle is green, resembling is the green liver mosses in miniascape, but tenderer finer soft.

But here, what which come is green!

Arrived eventually. Entrance ticket everybody is 60 yuan, can get 1 bottle of mineral water by the ticket. Cross check ticket mouth, at the moment break like that a water area -- channel glacial valley? This postmeridian sun! The come down in torrents of shining comes down, it seems that cram my cerebra, my mouth mixes along with breath. Do not want to think not to think conversation does not want to know where to be even. Where where love. Look to do not have tourist again, the boat was started eventually.

Have wind brushs a shoulder slowly and pass, seem to be dialed unconcernedly coming loose blazing. Actually the sun still is over there, still be the manner of a pair of be routed that do not have place. Can in the mouth how ignore cool and refreshing? Color was caught slowly unexpectedly in breath like, of green, also be cool and refreshing. Still have, the mountain that still has two side is in slowly easy limb extends system, still a few call inglorious the tree, dancing is worn...
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