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Of the seaside bemused

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After the meal, westerly goes, that direction is hill. I want to treat that lake at the back of hill, I want to watch the setting sun.

On the road, often can see the sea, if those who be the same as a blue is laky,calm, abrupt between disposition changes greatly.

Crossed a few turns, estimating the of great capacity that sees at the moment is the home of the sun, did not go then. Corruption swims, not much make a move: )

This one beach is the dimensions on the island bigger. The bank also has a few families aloof, on the beach sparse also berth a few fisher. I mounted a deserted wooden vessel, in be in a poor light place sit down, the trip that begins to write me takes notes, write at this moment, it is one kind is enjoyed, just, cannot fill water.

Dedicated at writing when, the cry place give a little attention to of the burro in the cry of mew of edge of the rumour that often is side side however, underwater acoustic, water, cropland, listen attentively to happily next. Write a word a little while, look up again the coast of the green of the outline of the hill of the wave light below the ocean that reads calm, sunshine, far, vicinity. The beach is not aureate, have rank grass, have clastic rock, but be born with naturally is perfect namely. On the mew of gang or perch beach, or fly up and down, each looking up is find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind.

See a dog is running in water edge accidentally, angle is worn a mew, that dog runs in this unrestrained and far -ranging dripping wet of merry and lively. Understanding laughs, a happy dog.

Child heart rises, take out watch for a chance, focal length is pulled the biggest, stood by a flock of resting mew. When having 100 meters Yao, group gull flies, that fixes a lake, rectify a sky, was full of those who fly is pleased. Film killing is not little, do not know to be able to leave beautiful body: )

Then sits in the on the ground on the beach, also wore the hat of assault garment rise. The village witenagemot here is frightened what jump by the blue an eccentric person on this beach: )

I so sitting, await the setting sun.

Remember not long ago, a friend says; I see “ you and a washing machine watch the setting sun in the seaside! ” , at that time guffaw, now, washing machine is done not have beside, camera has however. Ah, changed allow cummer: )

Stop on a stone that the butterfly of a yellow color is by the side of my foot, in the tottering in wind. The United States must let a person not by show tender affection for.

One the individual's journey, do not give oneself a few reason that go, cannot experience a few feeling that oneself go after, how can you hold to again?

17:37, the sun has some of downhill meaning, but weather fine is good today, whole sky resembles the inverted image of the sea, do not search to give a cloud to come, it is the eastern side hanged half moon for nothing partly only, afterglow looks is to did not make fun of, but the setting sun whole the sky in the west was caught by thick to deep aureate.
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