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Strategy of Liaoning travel notes: Red east the travel of Dalian - red east

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Tonight at 8 o'clock, as the country ship airlines lowers smoothly in capital airport, 5 days of our red east Dalian ends satisfactorily all right. Say like the place before setting out, come especially Ctrip writes on a few, will be shared with everybody, 2 will use this means to make bit of contribution to Ctrip community, everybody is written, community flourishs, everybody is benefited.

Our 29/8 leaves capital by 27 expresses. Buy two pieces only hard board. Get on a car 5:30 p.m. . After smoking to be not worth with Morpheus through one night passivity, the following day in the morning 7: 30 arrive.

We live in traffic guesthouse, in the railway station northeastern 100 meters go out, give a station to be able to see, between mark of 160 yuan of / , estimation still can be chopped lower. This guesthouse is located in red east two main force on the road, north can look bright and beautiful country, south considerable duck green river, a street wants one minute only on foot, really pretty good. (guesthouse of duck green Jiang 280 yuan, too expensive, postal guesthouse is geographical a qualitative all but)

Sleep in the morning to at 12 o'clock, come out to go straight towards duck green river continuously, outside the park one small shop took local name fastfood - check child, it is a kind of face room after been fry, path still go. Imprint to the deepest it is a quantity big and cheap, no matter what eat, be worthy of is northeast edge of a field.

Enter park of duck green river next, the flower sees a bank one yuan thither Korea is new justice city, the building is low, a China before knowing 20 years. Jiang Shui is drier unexpectedly, but still have a bit stink. There are two big bridges on the river. One is the useless bridge of Korea war, one is the friendship bridge that builds after the station. Spent 7 yuan watch cross-strait wind on the river by ship unexpectedly, can see the Korea soldier with thither river. Proposal everybody must by ship.

After be being installed on, take a taxi straight Ben Jinjiang hill (start valence, 5 yuan) , park gate has imposing manner very much, red can see on the summit east city. Downhill hind went to place the biggest square, still have musical fountain, arrive in the evening, multicoloured, foolish it is good-looking. Local citizen is unruffled beside square fountain contented, also be it is a scenery.

Stroll on that street before the station in the evening, appreciation night scene. The outdoor music square that discovers place has saxophone to accompany unexpectedly in achieve, and the meaning having a place that still blows. In red east such city, difficult share.

In the evening at 9 o'clock, meeting hotel rests, go straight towards Dalian continuously by its car the following day.

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