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Strategy of Liaoning travel notes: Allow the room of the city

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Starting a city is littoral city, because development is earlier, accommodation is so OK still, have a main street by the urban district that start a city (the highway that promote the sea) the direct seaside that start a city- - the gate of the park that promote the sea, there is a way right in the gate, the both sides in these two roads is a lot of various groom center, have meal room, but both sides of these two roads (rely on sea a side except littoral road) cannot see seascape.

A side that should see seascape can choose seaside road to rely on the sea grooms if the center visits sea floor, also can go in from gate of the park that promote the sea, there is way of a seaside like side in chrysanthemum daughter, it is best living ground, also have good seascape, coming down is bathhouse namely, but estimation price is more expensive.

If do not want to see seascape, the teaching and administrative staff that lives beside the highway that promote the sea grooms center, industrial and commercial bank grooms center, total hind groom the center also is perfectly, especially always hind groom center, be located in on the side of the gate, the area is large, the environment is good, night fair is on the side. The price is controlled in 200 yuan probably.

The mosquito that start a city is much, do not stay in too cheap place.

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