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Field barbecue pattern is much

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Dry,crisp air of autumn, long holiday will come, go field lives to had not suited most. Barbecue is field the commonnest cooking method in living, what people is familiar with most is direct barbecue law, but this kind of method applies to field not completely, when facing bigger food especially. As to how to often use corresponding barbecue method — to outdoor person study—

Flag is burned

If food is individual very small, string together not easily perhaps burn, can look for a flag so, put food above, next below barbecue of second birth fire.

Bury burn

Had included the thing that wants barbecue with bark leaf, even ground places a rock above, make a fire on stone. This kind of means can make food fresh and tender and without smoke flavour.

Mud is burned

Periphery has Huang Ni or red sludge, some more desirable mix with water oozy, wrap up is on food, put in the barbecue in igneous caboodle. The flix such as the pheasant that this kind of method suits barbecue size moderate most cannot the animal of edible.

String bake

The directest, the simplest barbecue method. Wear food with branch bunchy undertake barbecue. Be burned to prevent branch midway, should wear with Xian Shuzhi string, and do not want denude bark. (small new)

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