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Beware " tourist diarrhoea " with the cold

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Draw near October, city disease accuses a center to hit “ to prevent needle ” to the citizen ahead of schedule

Accompanying “ the drawing near of 11 ” golden week, the citizen goes out travel, dine together opportunity grow in quantity. Difference in temperature of day and night of air temperature of city of near future Shenyang is big, city disease precaution controls a center to warn a citizen, autumn has diarrhoea and cold easily, the citizen goes out travel and the attention must be added more when relatives and friends reunites.

Go out go vacationing when confidential have diarrhoea

” of diarrhoea of ● “ tourist. This is contagion of path of a kind of bowel, basically be by what produce noxiousness coliform organisms to cause, have the aid of absorbs contaminative water, beverage, milk and food to infect, infection crowd is tourist, be in especially short-term tourist incidence of a disease is extremely high.

Symptom: Of this disease preclinical 1 - 2 days, can behave after infection for diarrhoea, defecate submits sample, diarrhoea number is general and daily 10 less than, serious person be exactly like cholera, can accompany at the same time have the symptom such as bellyacke, disgusting, vomiting, common course of disease is in 4 - 7 days.

● feeds source sex disease. It is the disease that food of have the aid of spreads, include bacterial sex, use plant, toxin, chemical sex bromatoxism and alvine path contagion, among them bacterial sex contagion of path of bowel of sex of bromatoxism, bacterium particularly common.

Symptom: The patient is clinical expression basically is given priority to with diarrhoea, bellyacke, disgusting, vomiting, can accompany have calorific, serious person can endanger life.

Prevent and cure: October portion goes out the citizen that travel goes vacationing answers special attention waters, sanitation of dietetic hygiene, individual and viatic sanitation, provide for oneself a few precaution and curative content, the person that once produce symptom of similar tourist diarrhoea,be in in travel road, answer to take drug in time, go to a hospital when necessary make a diagnosis and give treatment. Attend dine together, marriage the citizen that celebrates wedding breakfast, should accomplish particularly do not eat food of unripe, half a lifetime; Dine together in the family, in running convivial activity, should notice to operate sanitation, prevent to be born ripe not pollution of cent, across; Dining room of meal course of study, collective unit wants to pledge good food disinfection of quantity, tableware closes, normative food operating rules, provide clean, wholesome, eligible food, be on guard the happening of contagion of path of bowel of the sex that feed a cause.

Heart of size of change of difference in temperature catchs a cold

Because the change of air temperature is acuteness this month, change of difference in temperature of day and night is big, disease accuses a center to remind a citizen to be in prevent afore-mentioned diseases while, still should notice two kinds of colds.
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