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Long holiday travels faraway prevent disease 5 action

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Go on a journey length a holiday already became a lot of people to go vacationing first selection, sanitarian expert reminds here go out the people of travel: Because grow the travel outside going out between holiday, easy occurrence crowd too concentration, environment noisy, food is not wholesome wait for a circumstance, want precaution to fall ill without fail. The expert teachs your go on a journey to prevent disease below 5 action ——

It is to enhance oneself strength

Dine on time, water more, take ahead of schedule a few board the method that the drug such as fluid of poisonous profess to convinced of La Gen, disease-resistant is a few effective. Now is autumn, northern region weather has turned cool, and difference in temperature is bigger, want to notice heat preservation, prevent a cold.

2 it is to notice to prevent heart disease

The person of medical history of intentional head blood-vessel had better not take a car during this, because long-distance ride is easy fatigue, add an environment noisy jam, easy cause paroxysmal heart disease, cerebral hemorrhage even sudden death, a few still be in preclinical patient to also may come on suddenly, answer to carry drug of some of prevention and cure so. If discover the heart is uncomfortable, can do deep breathing and loud cough instantly, in order to alleviate pathology.

3 be when taking a car proper activity

Take car, boat, plane more for long, the body is in a kind of pose for long, easy cause double leg strut, lumbar acerbity backache, top-heavy, reason wants method double leg drive up, ambulate often.

4 it is to notice dietetic hygiene

Keep anteprandial hind the habit that wash one's hands, buy healthful food, do not take course of cold and dressed with sause as far as possible, otherwise the disease such as gastroenteritis can search come to come.

5 it is to carry drug

Can carry commonly used patulin, abdomen to be able to be installed, the bolus that guarantee benefit reach achieve can stick, the emergency treatment medicines and chemical reagents of a balm for treating headaches and heart disease. (Li Li)

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