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Cause winter more skin disease chooses hot spring bubble more contain sulfur qua

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The near future, the person of hot spring of many cling to bubble grows too because of time of bubble hot spring or the time passes frequency to bring about skin Sao urticant, dry, drop a skin. The expert expresses to this, wen Pu of hot spring water is alled over taller, but the water that exceeds 32 Celsius actually is warm damage possibly to generation of human body skin, what what together with contains in a few hot spring is alkalescent wait for excitant material more, these may be stimulated and destroy cutaneous ego to protect a function, make winter skin disease happens more easily. “ besides reduce number of bubble hot spring, the citizen still can choose to contain sulfur to pledge more when bubble hot spring more spring, because sulfur is right,skin can have better lubricant, alimentary effect. ”

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