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What person shoulds not be climb

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Holiday climbs to outskirts climb, medicinal powder beguilement, change the fresh air, exhaustion that see solution, it is god-given favour really. But do not forget please climb motion is the campaign with a very big oxygen demand, not be everybody is appropriate.

A variety of chronic patients, no matter what age paragraph, if suffer from the following chronic, unfavorable climb: Anxiety of joint disease, chronic nephritis, blood disease, chronic tracheitis, lung, diabetic companion has myositis of amalgamative disease, gouty, lupus erythematosus, skin, rheumatism cirrhosis of phlogistic, liver. In addition, contract hypertensive, coronary heart disease, especially the person that chronic coronary artery is not worth for blood is unsuited also climb. If above patient is determined to want to climb, remember must climbing slow please, and need not importune enter the peak.

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