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Midsummer goes playing should prevent travel ill

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Summer vacation time comes, with the main forces of go on a journey that student, teacher gives priority to, summer vacation time travel market churns a flourishing. Nevertheless, medical treatment expert warns a citizen, summer vacation brings the opportunity of travel to a lot of people, when you enjoy the good time of nature, did not forget to prevent from this and the travel that come is ill.

Mountain-climbing brothers sprain not instantly activity

Hill is absent to have name of celestial being criterion high, taking the advantage of summer vacation to swim the dream that mountains and rivers-land is a lot of tourist. The sprain when mountaineering too not

The mountain-climbing in travel road, go up to issue stone rank or go up to walk in rough road surface when sky, can cause genu ministry and malleolar ministry sprain, be like touchdown of ministry of the hand when trip, still can erupt simultaneously wrist ministry sprain. Get hurt place can appear the ache of different level, strut, skin purple or ecchymosis, and articulatory activity obstacle. Many person that hurt heal because of begging the heart is cut, often adopt walk instantly activity or massage forcibly, rub is kneaded wait for measure, the result is just the opposite to what one wished, accentuated illness.

Bursa of health bright and beautiful: Correct processing technique is sanatorium, get hurt place reduces an activity as far as possible, avoid to load, drive up suffers from limb (hand or crural) , in order to promote vein circumfluence, improve local blood circulation, reduce oedema. Not knead, massage or place of hot compress injury, lest accentuation bleeds, make be in aching strut aggravate; When necessary, had better cancel the journey that day. Injury hind should undertake local cold compress as soon as possible, for example rises cold drink bag with clean cloth press in get hurt place, or press glacial mineral water in affected part, by press at least 30 minutes, can reduce hypodermic haemorrhage.

In addition, because some of sprain and fracture, bone is cracked,distinguish hard, if feel,get hurt when degree is heavier, should go to a hospital early make a diagnosis and give treatment.

Paddle seaside swims the skin basks in the likelihood injury

Every arrive the summer, a few large the natatorium outdoor, seaborne rooms greeted passenger flow height, a lot of people hope to pass the intimate contact with water to come of drive summer burning hot, still a few people go technically the littoral city such as Qingdao, power sea swims recreational, sample seafood, lend this fritter away burning hot summer days.

A lot of go the person of paddle thinks, dress swimsuit, person wants to be waited for for long only when swimming in water, need not worry too prevent bask in a problem, before swimming accordingly, be to be done simply more a few prevent bask in processing to enter the water with respect to haste, individual person even far from daub is prevented bask in frost, long bubble is enjoyed in water cool and refreshing. Can not think of, a lot of people after coming home begin occurrence skin aglow, Sao is urticant wait for a symptom, return the bleb since the meeting, oedema badly, this is the performance that acute insolation hurts actually.
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