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Construction of Culture and Tourism City of the soft power strong support forc

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Keywords: Its support for the soft power of cultural tourism Core Tip: Culture is the development of the advantages and potential of our city, but also to achieve leapfrog development in the important support. Heavy to play the advantages of city culture, and strive to create vibrant, highlighting strengths, and cultural development to a new round of prosperity. Highlights Perspective: Improve the quality of civilization citizens. Build a socialist core value system, carry forward the fine traditional culture, the people of the city to consolidate the common ideological basis for unity and struggle. To promote social morality, professional ethics and family virtues and individual morality, traditional virtues and construction meet the requirements of the times of moral and behavior. Vigorously promote the Spirit of Jiao, refining the spirit of promoting the city of Kaifeng, Kaifeng, and improve quality of human civilization. To promote the scientific spirit, nurture forge ahead, calm and rational, open and tolerant society of mind. Promote self-cultivation self-discipline, care for the young, hard work, plain man, formed for all, all for one of my social atmosphere. Support innovation and entrepreneurship, to encourage labor to get rich, develop team spirit. Purify the social and cultural environment, protect young people healthy. Comprehensive use of education, law, administration, public opinion means, guide people to know that honor, and righteousness, fulfill their obligations, rousing form, punishing evil and promote good in society. Vigorously develop cultural undertakings. The development of cultural undertakings, and increase investment in public culture, improve urban and rural public cultural service system; strengthen cultural infrastructure, and built Sports Centre, art galleries, science museums, cultural museums and a number of Song landmark cultural projects. Actively promote the cultural projects that benefit and improve cultural services in rural and urban communities to promote the public welfare cultural facilities free of charge, for an extension to the grassroots culture, rich cultural life of the people. Implementation of cultural quality project, has introduced a thoughtful, artistic, spiritual and cultural superb ornamental products. Vigorously develop the cultural tourism industry. Adhere to the city's cultural tourism resources as the basis to create a national demonstration zone as a carrier of cultural industries, cultural tourism full financing platform for investment group, and actively introduce strategic investors, great efforts to cultivate a brand and unique culture of Kaifeng has a core competence force of cultural enterprises, speed up development of special cultural industry, the cultural tourism industry into an important pillar industry in our city. Implementation of the cultural tourism industry a major projects to lead and give prominence to both the Song River, the ancient city wall protection and the environment, fan tower Yuwang Taiwan area development, site of the city and other major cities stack of cultural tourism, cultural tourism effort to create an international city. Strengthen the area, improve function, improve quality, build 1 3 5A level scenic spots. Bian embroidery do a good job, the official porcelain, woodblock New Year pictures and other travel products research and development, extend the industrial chain. Actively develop the art performances, calligraphy and painting art, food culture, entertainment, exhibition collection, animation and creative cultural industries. Enhance the cultural influence of Song. Continue to run China (Kaifeng) chrysanthemum flower, China (Kaifeng) Ching Ming Festival, Culture Collection of China (Kaifeng) Forum and other cultural festivals, to strengthen cultural exchanges, highlighting the city charm, Kaifeng expanded visibility in the country and the world. Strengthen the culture of the Song, grasp the cultural heritage, cultural landscape, valuable archives and other historical and cultural resource conservation and management efforts to expand and enhance the Song dynasty in the country and the world influence. Scene Representation: The evening of 20 October 2010, Kaifeng City Stadium brilliant stars, "daisy charm beautiful city of Kaifeng," Singing the national awards ceremony, the Tenth China Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Exhibition and the 28th China Chrysanthemum Flower Show "River of Song Night" celebration party brilliant appearance. Performances in dance, "Ju City Carol" in the prelude, the chorus "Chrysanthemum Memories", children's song medley "Kaifeng nursery rhyme", "painting of Kaifeng", "Kaifeng Lord Bao", female vocal solo "My hometown of Kaifeng", male solo "cry Bianliang soon "and the" charm of Kaifeng "Singing the national song-by-event debut in the award-winning works, especially these songs by Yang Hongji, Wei Jindong, Tang Can, a smile, Hu Xiaoqing, and other famous singers, even more soul-stirring, lingering sound wave. Performing artists, the famous comedian, ZHAO Bao Xie Yinglin music and fun CCTV host hosting style, and Qianbai Hui, Li Jindou, Xie Fang, Zhang Yue and others perform on stage, so that the party greatly enriched. This is just more than a year the city a scene in the theatrical performances, arts center in Tokyo in large-scale original musical staged "Riverside", after the end of each performance the audience will be sounded to prolonged applause, it is Kaifeng City in the "Bian Zheng Luo fine art works" in the carefully crafted a "culture card." Another in the Millennium City Opera staged large-scale water quality performance of real "Tokyo Big Beautiful Dream Song", to water features in Millennium City for the stage, the "Riverside" modeled on the classical interpretation of the Song series, the use of sound and other modern optical science and technology, invested heavily, carefully built, a large reproduction of the Immigrant Song Tokyo. From April 5, 2008 officially staged the play so far, played from March each year to 11 months, more than 200 sessions on performance, setting a very impressive box office receipts. News Background: In recent years, the city on how to realize the "three leaps" in the "big city by the cultural tourism and cultural tourism to strengthening the city across the" target, develop culture industry. Since the founding of New China, especially since the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Party, With the continuous improvement of living standards, people demand more and more spiritual life strong. Development of cultural tourism in our city not only spawned a number of brand items, it also attracts a large number of national cultural events. Asian Arts Festival, the first China (Zhuxianzhen) Wood Drawing Art Festival was successfully held last year in Kaifeng, Kaifeng gathered artists from home and abroad to carry out cultural exchanges and mutual consultations techniques; Chinese collection Culture Forum has been held twice successfully in Kaifeng session, involving more than 10,000 people, the formation of several collections of professional market; 2009, 2010, the city has successfully held two sessions of China Kaifeng Qingming Cultural Arts Festival, during which the city's tourists and achieve significant revenue from tourism growth. Kaifeng was named as the first batch of Chinese Calligraphers Association, Chinese calligraphy city, Kaifeng has a new growth point in the cultural industries; the city of Kaifeng embroidery, and other cultural products market integration, to effectively enhance the city's competitiveness in the market of cultural products. The provincial government at the end of 2008 decided to establish "cultural reform pilot development zone", Kaifeng City, the province's eight test area is the only provincial cities. "Song is the ancient city of Kaifeng City Cultural Industry Park" has been named as the Provincial Department of Culture, "Cultural Industries Demonstration Zone in Henan Province", by "a city of four points", the "two ring-second zone" the building, the city will create a more rich cultural characteristics of Song. Repair the walls of Kaifeng 14.4 km protection works, construction of parks around the city, city of "four river with five lakes," the water project and the cross-strait tourism landscape, tower fan - Yuwang Taiwan scenic areas, house to Protect Liu, large Song Museum * Kaifeng "City pile City" Xinzheng door construction sites and other construction projects, will attract more people to Kaifeng travel, invest, Kaifeng will not resist the charm to attract more foreign tourists sight. In recent years, strongly promoting tourism in Kaifeng City, driving strategy, accelerating from the tourism to the tourism resources in the market over the pace of Strong City, Kaifeng full advantage of tourism resources, adhere to the process of promoting the tourism industry as the goal, the integration of tourism resources and development, industry restructuring, investment promotion, publicity and promotion business order and regulate the industry, focusing on efforts to achieve the structure, mechanism, market, promote sales information, receiving human services, market management standardization. Golden Week and the city will travel the city's unique chrysanthemum flower, Chinese New Year festivals, carnivals and other traditional festival will focus and highlight, according to the different cultural characteristics of each area and the operating characteristics of the targeted area to increase the cultural content of the guidance enhance the cultural quality to make a fuss, and fight the Kaifeng its tourism highlights and attractions, the majority of tourists, particularly in neighboring provinces and cities to form a great tourist attraction, and the cultural tourism industry, driving the overall tertiary industry development so that the cultural tourism industry in promoting rapid economic and social development process of Kaifeng has played an increasingly important role. Expert Comment: Take advantage of unique cultural development of the city to create a new situation in terms City Secretary Shen Yaping new SMG Culture is the development of the advantages and potential of the city is also important to achieve leapfrog development support, therefore, to play the advantages of Kaifeng culture heavy, and strive to create vibrant, highlighting strengths and comprehensive situation of cultural development and prosperity, we must make full use of Kaifeng in the development of cultural industries that have unique conditions; Kaifeng, the ancient capital of the famous seven, the State Council announced the first batch 24 historical and cultural city, is a cultural system reform in Henan Province City, Henan Province, tourist areas (spots) pilot reform cities, cultural reform, development pilot area in Henan Province; Kaifeng rich history, with many historical and cultural relics 1300, 241 cultural relics, including 13 national, 25 provincial, national 4A level scenic spots 7; Kaifeng rich cultural heritage, education developed since ancient times, art activities, frequently, the emergence of a large number of fine art masters and art; Kaifeng culture brands, the activities colorful cultural festivals, cultural tourism products has introduced; Kaifeng abundant water resources, a vast water area , can do cultural tourism of the article. To adhere to the principles of economic and social benefits, on the one hand to develop cultural undertakings, on the other hand to develop cultural tourism industry, and actively introducing strategic investors, focus on cultivating a unique culture of Kaifeng corporate brand and culture, the implementation of major cultural industry projects to lead and give prominence to a number of major cultural tourism, cultural tourism effort to create an international city, the city's cultural tourism industry into an important economic and social development pillar industries. Meanwhile, to strengthen the research culture of the Song, mining, development and utilization of cultural resources to effectively integrate the development of Song, efforts to fight the culture of Kaifeng, the Song dynasty and Xianhantang culture, culture of the three pillars of the Ming and Qing Beijing well-known cultural brand and improve the Song the influence of culture at home and abroad. Kaifeng cultural tourism industry is now entering the track of healthy development. In the "second Five-Year" period, by virtue of its own resources Kaifeng and a good environment for the development of cultural tourism industry Kaifeng by leaps and bounds is no longer a dream, in order to boost cultural tourism industry, Kaifeng economy toward better, faster direction, so as soon as possible revival of the grand goal of Kaifeng.
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