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Procedures to travel abroad for more than Shijiazhuang Police advise early

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Recently, in Shijiazhuang City, the very fact that a company as having a trouble. The very fact that outstanding performance, the unit reward their travel abroad, but very fact that busy, has been negligent in preparing exit formalities, until a few days before tour departure, Ms. Zhang was rushed to apply for passports, but the application for passport endorsement involving multiple departments, multiple links, not in a short time, finish the very fact that the final did not take place. Police tips Recently there were several residents from the province to join travel abroad (overseas) tour groups to go abroad after time because they do not (border) documents can not make the trip caused the event. Therefore, the Provincial Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration reminded the residents before leaving the country must do a good job of preparation of the following three areas: First, we must seriously look reasonable arrangements and destination countries of immigration laws and regulations, prior arrangements for passports, visas and other formalities of the time. The second is to collect information on travel destinations and travel conditions, making reasonable travel plans. To have a qualified travel agencies overseas travel registration group, and confirm arrangements for travel routes, accommodation hotel standards, the content of various types of consumption. Go through the exit formalities must first apply for a passport. Residents of our province to be my ID cards and residence to the local county level Public Security Bureau management application, under normal circumstances to apply to an application within ten working days in the Police Bureau management to obtain a passport. In addition, the record of the national staff in need of special attention: personnel management authority to be issued in accordance with the consent of its overseas proved only after the bid to host the passport. Passports and obtained, the proposed passport retention, and record the entry and exit administration department of the local public security organs, Chinese ambassador to the country of destination to (lead) the telephone, in case passport is lost, stolen or does not go through the timely use abroad (Habitat) documents. Followed by the visa. Get a passport, please contact the destination country embassy (consulate) designated visa agent to apply for visas. First, check to pack passports, air tickets are ready. The second is based on climate and travel destination of the contents of the length of time for clothing, and advance understanding of customs regulations, not to bring prohibited items immigration. The third is ready for a certain amount of money the country of destination, the best business credit card while carrying (such as the CUP card). In addition, the standing amount of drugs to prepare
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