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Jade establishs horse race division: The assembly of 100 thousand people

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Spread out one by one in several square kilometer when tent, grow to go up in the meadow like dawdle, you can believe, kang Ba's person belongs nature. The party of 100 thousand people, gush of arteries and veins of blood letting a person piece!

Date: 7Rise 25 days month, in succession 7 days

Spread all over river valley temporarily tribal

No matter hill of hold a memorial ceremony for is godly,jade cultivates a person, greet guest to see a visitor out, hold do marriage, cannot leave horse race athletics. Horse race section of Yu Shu, be in western the area is the day of one political integrity that has imposing manner most, especially every 3 years " political integrity " , sufficient 100 thousand people attend. Before the section, the people that comes from jade to establish a zone comes early, raise a tent to meet a red-letter day beforehand in river valley Campagna. The spot differentiates a match area, performance area, tent area, circumjacent home village or town comes with truck transport their family belongs, resemble lifting the home to remove. In the tent division that builds temporarily, you can find the thing that you need easily: Commissariat, clothings, toy, CD, headgear...

Jump the boiler village night

The arrangement rich and colorful of horse race section, the first day of make one's rounds that is various places people swims, move next field of congress of division river valley undertakes surpassing an ox. Mobile area, again different Tibetan opera is performed. It is time of lama Song classics the following day, this is mental sumptuous dinner of the Tibetan; Afternoon, have Hercules competition. The 3rd day has large make one's rounds to swim, people is showing value the about a hundred luxuriant dress of 10 thousand. Can the young friend of dance of song be apt to, have dance lightly on the prairie, the performer that welcoming make one's rounds to swim people. In the evening 7 when the left and right sides, so big assembly room lights a bonfire, people surrounds festively singing and dancing together, congratulatory festival, occasion Weiwei is grand.

Illicit home hints

Before 34 days of section of ● horse race are elite part, must not miss.

● is best can build on the media of Qinghai place, you are apart from the ground to near performance area recently with respect to organic meeting, camera also can be sent on big use.

● jade cultivates an area to compare rich and popular, local consumption index is quite high, do not think that is " slaughter a guest " .

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