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Section of the Monggol nationality celebrates custom

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The festival of the Monggol nationality basically is the Spring Festival, this month the 13 hold a memorial ceremony for that come 15 days " presently (another name for Hubei province) rich " , in July of lakefront of 20 Wang Riqing sea " sea of hold a memorial ceremony for " with October the Lantern Festival of 20 big brilliant.   

The Spring Festival also is the Monggol nationality a year in the grandest traditional happy festival time. At the appointed time new clothes of domestic home place, do special purchases for the Spring Festival, prepare festal food. Year 30 when, must come home, cultivate puts in a circle 's charge, change new clothes, jing Tianjing is magical. First day of the lunar year, male Fu is full-dress, pay a New Year call each other to new friend home, jing Xian hada. First 2, entire household home does not go out, first 3 go to friendly neighbor home paying a New Year call again, very lively.   

Hold a memorial ceremony for " Russian rich " , be in commonly in July the middle ten days of a month. It is the prairie grand meeting with annual herdsman of the Monggol nationality. On the meeting besides ask recite scriptures of Living Buddha, Lama, mulberry of cook over a slow fire, sacrificial rites hill is magical, pray person cultivate is restful outside, undertake horse race even, tumble, archery, sing, dance wait for recreational activities. Go too, what Qinghai lake takes is ancient a group of things with common features hold the activity of " of sea of " hold a memorial ceremony for with big Mai even, at the appointed time, want 3 animal sacrifice (whole ox, sheep, pig) for be on the desk, next read out funeral oration. After the ceremony finishs, photograph of try to be the first grabs everybody cut sacrificial bovine hotpot, with be being gotten first, must be more lucky, call " grab a dinner " .

Horse race of geometric ratio of horse race, fire still is held on the meeting. Nadam Fair of grand meeting of tradition of Qinghai the Monggol nationality.   

Enthusiasm of the Monggol nationality is bold and unrestrained, love song and dance, and like the recreational and sports activities of rich and colorful. Annual red-letter day of summer, fall, people should be held according to traditional habit " hill of hold a memorial ceremony for " ceremony of alliance of mobile peace conference, kill Niu Zaiyang at the appointed time, sing wine to sing. The activity such as archery of even world-famous travel, target practice, horse race. The each district the Monggol nationality of Qinghai is annual 78 months of pasture should choose to draw near according to hill water, the prairie of lush of even and open, aquatic is held royal " Nadam Fair " congress (however namely horse race is thought of knowingly) . The Monggol nationality can prolong phrase war from of old, essence of life rides be apt to to shoot. People normally be good at saddle horse, horse race, archery and fall sufficient regard as wait for in light of the competence of an excel in, the person with excellent to those equitation, superior skill, people very esteem. Accordingly, horse race is the main activity that Nadam Fair meets grandly. When horse race, thousands of herdsman gathers together from far and near racecourse, watch the game at the same time, one side beat a drum rouses flag-waver, boost the morale of cries out. And caballero people the fine horse that riding oneself to dress up elaborate feed, meticulously, with adversary the letter spreads out intense contend, the atmosphere on field is enthusiastic and extraordinary. After the match ends, want to offer handsome reward to the winner.   
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