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Qinghai folk-custom amorous feelings

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Qinghai is a multiracial area, on the downy earth with extensive, mysterious kilometer of twenty thousand and seventy square, for generations multiplies haunt move Chinese, Tibet, time, earth, scatter pull, more than 20 nations such as Mongolia. The nature with gallant of primitive simplicity modelled people of Qinghai every nationality clement, laborious and the disposition of bold and unconstrained, in long-term production and life, people of Qinghai every nationality is creating his history, his culture, his reality and dream, form and maintained distinctive, the amorous feelings of rich and colorful and consuetudinary. Understand their local customs, to each tourist, it is unforgettable experience.

Qinghai province world resides minority to basically be Tibet, the Hui nationality, earth, scatter pull, the Monggol nationality. Among them the Tu nationality and scatter pull a group of things with common features it is two minority with Qinghai particular province. The religion of Qinghai basically has Tibet to pass Buddhist, Mohammedan with christian. Tibet of belief of Tibetian, the Monggol nationality, the Tu nationality passes buddhism, the Hui nationality, scatter pull a group of things with common features belief is Mohammedan. Each nation is having long history and outstanding culture tradition, maintaining distinctive, the ethical amorous feelings of rich and colorful and consuetudinary. Qinghai element says " the ocean of singing and dancing " . Set foot on this magical land when you, the fire of company of the Han nationality with that full interest the Tu nationality of Sha of mother-in-law of that dance appearance " An Zhao " , that is sodorous and intense scatter pull " new music " , the Tibetian of embellish of that singing voice " pull Yi " , a bowed stringed instrument with a scroll carved like a horse's head of that the Monggol nationality of rising and falling become enamoured sound, can make surely your enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave.
" flower " (also weigh a teenager) , it is a kind of love song of area of northwest of our country of from mouth to mouth, also be to make folk song. " flower " the fetch that is Qinghai folk song, annual the traditional Chinese calendar came in April in June, the awaken of spring of river Huang valley is abundant, 100 Hua Zhengyan, the earth a verdure, the flower of each district having sth new the concert also begins in succession. And annual meeting, jade cultivates the Qinghai lake horse race that in ovine fertilizer Xia Qiu season of Ma Zhuang holds the make a pilgrimage to a temple on a famous mountain of Luo Dawu of dance of song of knot ancient prairie, fruit is met wait for all sorts of prairie grand meeting to go up, the people of circumference number a hunderd li wears a color plain, colourful the garment acts the role of an assemble one case, use up love song dance, very lively, yak of nervous and enthusiastic horse race, archery, contest, soul-stirring
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