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Frame: The main component of country car, the structure has the basis to be worn forcedly body, soft wear a body (hind avoid shake wears a body) cent, material is manganese steel of titanium alloy, carbon fiber, iron, aluminium alloy, magnesium alloy to wait commonly. Because the different combination of structure and material makes every kinds of frame has different actor drawback, with wearing body frame forcedly for, titanium alloy quality of a material lighter, pliability is good, but hind when wearing a body to climb slope, slant soft and price on the high side; The frame quality of a material of carbon fiber is solid, extremely benefit at climbing slope, but because of be like

Front fork: Country is cross-country the bicycle contains generally high-powered before avoid shake system, it is very important also to avoid shake chooses forkedly before, its stand or fall decided to ride the speed of the person that go and safety. Front fork has a few kinds of technology that will have damping effect by right of club of oil of baric, hydraulic pressure, glue, bedspring respectively. The journey (point to avoid shake implement or avoid because shake fork avoids shake and mobile distance) size is commonly 40 to 120 millimeter, can choose according to diverse demand, make no matter why is country car being planted below complex ground condition, can install allpass to pass.

Tire: Bulky tire and catching soil fertility formidably also is country the main feature of cross-country bicycle. Grain of qualitative, embryo mixes the material of tire the permutation of fetal bead means, appearance and the function that depth decided an embryo, different tire should choose in different road surface.

Gearshift system: The hand is dialed (handle group) , before batch (before transmission) , hind batch (hind transmission) the main part that is gearshift system, its choice and debug the speed that decided speed change. Different brand or new old wide gap are bigger deserve together to be caused possibly gearshift forbids or slow, it is to cannot be run even.

Transmission system: Before, hind, in the axis is lubricant degree be close friends certainly, its lubricant stand or fall matters to car hand directly ride by speed. Country car tooth dish tine number and the ratio that flywheel ages several photographs compare income say compare for transmission, transmission comparing is tall, ride the person that go to climb slope strong, relaxed.

Braking system all: Safe assurance, the comparison that uses now is much is V Buddhist templeput on the brakes, dish Buddhist templeput on the brakes two kinds. The advantage of V Buddhist templeput on the brakes is light, feel is good, good maintenance, defect has a demand to using an environment, main stop a machine by cutting off the power is wet 0, destroy round of circle; Cent of dish Buddhist templeput on the brakes pulls the dish Buddhist templeput on the brakes, oily dish Buddhist templeput on the brakes, dish that pull oil for the line 3 kinds, its advantage is not to destroy spirit of round of circle, apply the brake,
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