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Life hill mixes Qinghai to drip river

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The southeast ministry of Qinghai lake, have the hillock with one abrupt arteries and veins. It is strange peak forest stands, be like a sharp Ge Mao, insert blue sky continuously -- , this is famous life hill. Mention life hill, still have a paragraph of beautiful fokelore!
In face of our country the Tang Dynasty when, cang Wangsong assist did cloth to send emissary to propose to Tang Wang, tang Wang is a brilliant monarch, he the economy that the nation concerns and communicates Chinese Tibet to do well, culture, the decision marries young daughter article Tibet into the princess.
When the princess leaves Chang'an capital, tangwang and lens of treasure of life of queen general one side gave her, say: " ah! You this goes even if close Shanmoli, farewell long encoreter is not easy. This mirror calls life treasure lens, it is a baby. If you consider the home, take the looking glass that illuminate treasure, can see Chang'an wall from the mirror, meet the dear father woman that sees you. Meet the dear father woman that sees you..
Civil into princess farewell parental start off, she as receive close guard of honor, day and night travel at double speed is entered on the west, go ah go, walked along Qinghai lake all the time. The princess comes to Qinghai lakefront, in her heart very afflictive, because she sees lake water is about to dry up, bank wood is few and far between, land is weather-shack, because the flocks and herds of group cuts off the water supply be short of grass, become very emaciated.
The princess sees all these, the mood is very anxious. She commands honour guard suspends advancement, oneself go seeking water everywhere, but cannot be found, found a river later, but very far from Qinghai lake, current does not come over... the princess wants to go presumably, took out treasure looking glass finally, she says: "Treasure lens, treasure lens! I have trouble, can you help me? Can you help me??
The mirror replied: "Travel! But what to know a princess to have to bade? But what to know a princess to have to bade??
"I want to ask you to create a mountain! this east the river water that go is held off! this east the river water that go is held off!!
The mirror says: "Can! But created mountain, you also cannot see Chang'an again, see the dad woman that is less than you! See the dad woman that is less than you!!
Civil hear into the princess here, hesitate slightly, but when she thinks of to want to be the people benefit here, resolutely set upright the mirror toward the ground. Ah! One instantly, see silver-colored light is glaring only, thunder is plangent, a forceful, high and steep big hill, in Qinghai lake southeastern stood to rise. One vertical stroke has mountain, just like build by laying bricks or stones a wall, that former Chao Dongliu's great river, turn around immediately the head comes northwest direction is torrent, river water spouts, "Clang clang clang clang " ground inpour Qinghai lake.
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