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08 play turn whole strategy of ferry door tourist attraction

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Stone home courtyard

Tianjin was 2008 Beijing is clicked enter match of Beijing Olympic Games to hold one of cities, travel is resourceful, park of the beach outside pond buy, bathing place can let you appreciate the view with coastal peculiar city, setose thiste county dish hill also can let you experience in those days Qianlong emperor " knows those who dish of hill issues Changjiang Delta " why early to plaint! Here, life home measures a body to make series of " of directory of travel of Tianjin of "08 Olympic Games for you, let you enjoy the travel of glamour Tianjin to the top of one's bent.

Stone home courtyard

Be located in blueness of willow of Xi Qing area to press down, build at clear Guang Xunian, it is ferry door formerly one of 8 everybody stone 10 thousand of Cheng Sizi Shi Yuanshi curtilage. Hall courtyard sits south the Northern Dynasties, by big, small 4 comprise into compound. The courtyard is 3 siheyun east, occupy place for elder and each room descendants; The courtyard builds building of sitting room, play and family hall for worshipping Buddha on the west, it is to receive a visitor, recreation, sacred place. Courtyard building uses makings fastidious, make work careful, form of bricky carve woodcarving is diversiform, commonly used " Fu Shoushuang is complete " , " year old cold 3 friend " , " lotus carries on his shoulder or back " , " boundless blessing " , " in rapid succession " wait for festival and lucky design.

Here already was monarched to be house of content of willow Qing Bo now, the courtyard is east exhibit room, display peculiar willow youth picture and bricky carve, recover from an illness civilian house and shop of New Year picture, reveal local folkway folk-custom; The courtyard recovers from an illness on the west the original structure that displays stone home courtyard, use play building timely run a show.

Entrance ticket: 20 yuan / person; Minor 10 yuan / person

Address: Bridge of river of drive of town of blueness of willow of Tianjin city Xi Qing district on the west 100 meters

Open time: 9:00 -- 16:30

Phone: 27391617   27391618

Traffic: Can arrive directly by 153 buses from Tianjin west station; Also can multiply 158, 175, 672 buses waiting for a road.

Settle down courtyard

Settle down courtyard is located at willow blueness in those days north of the most flourishing appraise garment street, with stone home courtyard north of a street austral a street. It builds Yu Qing to take the place of to be treated together year, already had 150 years of histories. Settle down courtyard covers an area of 1000 much square metre, divide a compound in all, be north 4 close to cover situation repeatedly. A big courtyard is in front, have inside the courtyard inside the door is interlinked, backyard separates a stuff two small courtyards, there still is the involuntary discharge of urine below and other places of bomb shelter of library of clear acting bullion, Culture Revolution to put thing in the courtyard. Inside these 3 compound in be interlinked, structural density has degree, time return freely, it is structure of the courtyard outside typical v/arc inner chambers for womenfolk. House host installs Wen Zhong is willow blueness " drive big run " the first person, it is he was driven " civilian aid military supplies " , with brand-new the concept assists Qing Jun Xinjiang of expedition of Zun Zongtang ministry, unite in order to safeguard China.
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