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How to choose eider down sleeping bag

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Stuff of commonly used heat preservation stuff still has eider down, the heat preservation function of eider down itself still does not have material of man-made heat preservation to be able to be replaced. Its condensability is very good, but eider down needs to be machined through later period, the grease of its surface has been handled, the water proofing property of itself is a bit poor, the eider down product that because this chooses,fits outdoors campaign must consider outer the water proofing property of material.

The cent of the quantity that contain cloth with soft nap of an eider down is planted, one kind has short stem, give a lot of short nap with time, resemble a bit tall

In the treatment process of eider down goods, it is above face the different content of 3 kinds of cloth with soft nap will determine eider down order and degree. Cloth with soft nap of avery kind of is more order and degree is higher, wool flake became much fleeciness degree can reduce, heat preservation is poor. Flying silk became much can feel feel is very good, very soft, but heat preservation is very poor, and the meeting after air crossing water agglomerates.

As to grey cloth with soft nap and white fine hair, had not been necessary to distinguished now, smooth with respect to duck's down, southern is lake duck's down more, have black hair almost.

Outer, lining should notice when selecting the eider down product that fits outdoors campaign, anthology cloth with soft nap, internal standard, fleeciness degree of index that waits for a few respects.

Outer and general use nylon of high strenth, high density, have coat (not certain and waterproof) , basically be to be aimed at leakage cloth with soft nap. In cortical treatment process, sutural course silicone oil immerses, prevent to make the same score seam machine fluctuation line to cross close, friction to add congress to pull big pinprick, cause leakage cloth with soft nap thereby. Stythe eye of a needle should look to be pulled by the line when the examination is cortical big or change model, the line degree of tightness of suture is consistent, if be foreign trade product, it is consistent that all sutural needles are apart from (cuff, collar and the open wire except that wrap up a mouth) .

Lining (common weighs lining) should be two, close-fitting what is then the layer is indifferent to, the key is there should be to not have inside its spin cloth, go up technically to be added to prevent leakage cloth with soft nap, because best is of Du Bang company, call it Du Bang paper again so. Also have nearly two years do not add do not have those who spin cloth, reaction is like is not particularly good.

Choose cloth with soft nap to be held with the hand first, big stalk explains wool flake is much more; Small stalk much specification contains cloth with soft nap tall; Straightening is flying silk completely then, must not want. It is both hands adds up to a palm to press again, expand reply fast specification is fleeciness had spent, heat preservation also is met any better.
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