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Whole world the most top class belle beach

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Riode Janeiro beach

Riode Janeiro beach often is called the famousest beach on the world. It is before Riode Janeiro living area over or across 4.5 kilometers. The beauty of its scenery makes a person dumbfounded: Granite is surrounding to lead to thalassic gate. This kind " city, beach " layout gives a visitor more purchasing opportunity: Here has shopping centers, cinema, fashionable dress and jewelry store, and the cafeteria with proper setting is mixed night

Hawaiian beach

As one of the famousest beach on the world, hawaiian beach is located in on Honolulu island. On Hawaiian beach, you can experience the comfortable island glamour that contains cosmopolitan characteristic adequately, because the tourists of world each district are mixed,very much celebrity arrived together here. The optimal time that visits Hawaiian beach is arrive the 2nd year from the middle ten days of a month December by March, but arrived in April in December between the middle ten days of a month, you can enjoy best price. The air temperature of summer maintains control in 30 ℃ .

Beach, beach and more beach. To anybody, bank overcomes favour beach have everything that one expects to find: Plush quarters and persistent party (mixed in Feburary especially between March, because at that time the most enthusiastic good the undergraduates that move can come to here) . Stage of A at present captures a person (Mexican Indian) thearchy people can bring at least 250 sunny weather every year, this can make tourists sleep in siesta time good become aware. If you think save money, summer is a the main chance later on; But mixed in September in October, you had better go elsewhere, unless the rainstorm here.

The heaven of Australian ― surf

Much tourist gang ground comes to golden coast surf, swim, surf, party, again surf. By beach, shopper people can visit numerous thematic park, absorbing film world is for instance marine perhaps the world. If you return pushful word, so visit various clubs and beer, it is gambling house even. Most person is to be in what mixed the 2nd year in December travel comes here between Feburary. At this moment, you also will encounter a certain the hottest weather, because this did not forget,carry sunshade appliance.

Jamaica Buddhist nun beach of case luck Er

Because its weather is extremely marvellous,the beach of Ni Gerui Er of Jamaica becomes one of 10 old famous beach is, and all the year round changeless. Startling is, jamaica is in whole won't be allowed why to be affected in the hurricane season October. This beach is having 17 miles very attractive white beach, along the restaurant that coasting opens and a kind of halcyon atmosphere, this metropolis makes you expect your Jamaica friend can accept you. The summer of Jamaica may be more absorbing, because there is congested tourist on beach, of hotel enter rate should compare a winter low 30% .
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