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The equipment that single person drifts

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Latter, float is hotter and hotter, can rival with hiemal ski almost. But lack seaborne experience as a result of most tourist, the preparative work before setting out was not done good, went to seaborne ground to nod ability discovery to be short of Dong Shaoxi, make oneself are immersed in passive situation. What because this wants to enjoy seaborne activity,bring is cheerful, have to beforehand makes some of preparation.

The person of adventruous float, necessary seaborne appliance is the premise that you undertake this outdoors and recreational activity, comparing especially " fierce " on the river. Seaborne method, appliance is very much, appliance of float of partial single person introduces here, suit professional personage to use.

Good float prepares, should accomplish the following at least:

If waterproof jacket castaway is encountered wet cold circumstance, athletic clothes is not worn. Had a good waterproof jacket, with respect to the harrass that need not get the cold water that splashs from the river. Use crude fibre of this kind of jacket and solid latex canvas come keep out is cold.

Clean dress is met inevitably adrift " wet body " , after toing disembark, be being changed without dry dress is very afflictive. Attend float not to wear leather shoes, flat bottom slipper, plastic sandal and travel shoe are OK. On bad weather water cold, bask in on fine day air-water, the attention is prevented cold prevent bask in. Too rare dress shoe cap had better not be used at float.

Seaborne glove besides in hot weather, glove normally very the reception that gets castaway. A pair of good glove can let hand heat preservation, do not send a bleb, make oar stronger at the same time.

Knapsack should choose and buy to having paddle or the float that do not have paddle is expeditionary very ideal, can carry the article inside the bag already dry, have again convenient aglet and carry a hand to make in short distance overland go up or be carried on the back or carry very easy bag.

Aquatic sports helmet is expeditionary to torrent for, the helmet of high quality is very necessary, can have the effect of sponsorial body safety.

Binding off is wrapped to excurse, this packet can load a large number of goods and not quite take a place, and can make the article inside the bag won't be wetted by water.

The cushion of chloroprene rubber boots with 3 large millimeter helps seaborne boots although your foot is in in freezing water also can sufficient heat preservation, at the same time the boots bottom of wear-resisting can make the foot gets protective on rock ground.

Daigeer turns the game boat that change to another ship has bit of stimulation this again amusedly particularly is for float the ace, abecedarian that loves difficulty to drift or professional abecedarian are designed, comfortable Yu Xuan turns, surf and flip.

The function of airjacket airjacket is same, this one main index has Dan Shu comfortable sex each however difference. Mix as a result of humeral ministry, waist two side are adjustable, axil ministry mouth is comfortable, dress of Sa wave airjacket is comfortable.
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